How To Treat Oily Hair

Hair that develops flat, stringy, lank or oily appearance is mainly referred to as greasy hair. This kind of hair is relatively hard to control as it clusters together very easily and can never hold a style properly for a long time.


Reasons for Greasy Hair


The actual reason of greasy hair is related to the excessive production of sebum, which is waxy in nature that occurs naturally in the body and which is designed to make them soft, waterproof and supple. The sebaceous glands produce sebum and the amount of greasiness depends on the amount of oil on the scalp of the head. Greasy hair problems are often encountered in people with fine strands. The reasons for greasy hair can be the following:

  1. The genetic predisposition towards oily and greasy scalp that later gets migrated through the hair.

  2. Normal hair that is treated with hair care products that are not good can cause greasy scalp with or without the presence of greasy/oily strands.

  3. Lack of consistent or regular cleansing of hair results in the building up of dirt, toxins and other foreign substances that may result in greasy strands.

  4. Other than these important factors like irregular washing or handling of hair and hair exposed to dryness can turn your hair greasy.



Seasonal Hair Problems and Their Cure


Changes in the environment or seasons have a drastic effect on the human hair. We have heard several times that when it is winter, hair tends to become more dry and brittle and in summer it becomes greasier and so on. Proper hair treatment is necessary for taking care of hair at different seasons.


1. Summer Season – During summers, sun’s heat and its over-exposure is detrimental for our  health as well as hair. Hair also tends to become dry in summers. Early precautionary measure can prevent the future hair damage. Wear a scarf or a hat preferably made of straw when you go out. Else apply a sunscreen conditioner to the hair for protecting it from the immense sun’s heat. But make sure that you wash your hair as soon as you reach home. Drinking a lot of water will help in avoiding the hair being dry. Also avoid using blow dryers, hot showers or curling irons during the summer season. Mild shampooing once or twice a week is recommended.


2. Winter Season – Cold climate is equally damaging to the hair as are summers. Owing to low temperature and humid environment, hair tends to be dry and hence less greasy. During dry and cold


weather proper maintenance of hair moisture is necessary. Daily shampooing may take off the natural oil from the hair so it is contra-indicated during winters. To maintain the natural shine and hair texture apply oil once in a week before bathing and conditioners can also be useful.  

3. Monsoon Hair Care – With humidity at its max, hair requires a special care as it becomes more oily and greasy during this season. Problems of hair fall and itchy scalp are also common during monsoons. Avoid drenching in rain but if it happens wash your hair gently and do not towel dry your hair vigorously as it can de-root the hair or may cause split ends.  


According to Dr. Akshay Batra, a well known Trichologist, “During rainy season, tap water contains more chlorine and hence one must make use of mild shampoos and conditioners to maintain the texture of their hair”

Natural Remedies for Greasy Hair


There are several natural means to treat greasy hair and the important ones are:


Care Regimen


The main solution of treating oil hair is to eliminate the sebum that coats the hair.

  1. Choosing a shampoo that suits your hair type is another suggestion that you should follow.

  2. Even though the general advice is to wash the hair on a frequent basis, you should try not to wash it every day. Instead, apply an appropriate shampoo every alternate day.   

  3. Another reason for oily hair is that people do not wash it off properly after applying it. Therefore, make sure you spend at least 15 minutes washing out every trace of the shampoo. Otherwise, it will build up and make your hair as greasy almost instantly.

  4. Even though using conditioners is recommended, you should make sure that you apply it only at the ends of your hair. If you apply it all over your scalp, your hair will definitely get oily. Also, make sure you wash it off properly to avoid further build up.

  5. Another suggestion for treating oily hair is avoiding consumption of oily food. Include fresh fruit and green and leafy vegetables into your diet for best results. Make sure that the food you cook is in low-fat oil. If you have extremely oily hair, use a baby shampoo as they are extremely mild and do not contribute towards increasing the production of natural oils.

  6. Drink at least 8 glasses of water on a daily basis in order to balance the production of oil.

  7. Make sure that you massage your scalp every week as this increases the blood circulation.


Herbal Remedies


  1. Mix equal amounts of Aloe Vera gel, lemon juice and a mild shampoo and wash your hair thoroughly. Make sure you rinse it out completely and use this concoction at least thrice a week.

  2. Mix mint into water and boil the mixture for about half an hour. Combine this concoction with a mild shampoo and wash your hair properly. The mint will help to get rid of excess oil.

  3. Mash carrots and apply the mixture onto the hair and leave it on for 20 minutes. Wash it with lukewarm water.

  4. Herbal rinses with Lemongrass, nettle leaves, lemon peel, cinnamon chips, Bergamot and peppermint helps in reducing oil. They also help in fighting off with dandruff.


From The Celebrities Desk


Celebrities suffer a lot of hair issues due to their hectic shooting schedules and style management of their hair. Using different type of hair colour, hair products for maintaining styles, curling, ironing all contributes to their hair issues. Proper treatment and care can help them in avoiding loss of hair and its texture.



Here Are Few Tips That Celebrities Should Keep In Mind

  1. Avoid excessive heat-styling.

  2. Go in for deep hair conditioning.

  3. Make use of thermal protecting serum

  4. While using extensions, avoid stress around the hairline.

  5. Try incorporating natural or herbal products.

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