How To Treat Pale Lips

If you’re trying to learn how to treat pale lips, you might want to think again. Though sometimes red or pink lips can be envious, pale lips aren’t bad either. The thing that’s really important when it comes to lips is to keep them healthy and moisturized. There’s nothing worse than having chapped and bitten lips. Read on to find out how to treat pale lips and keep them moisturized and healthy.


Medical Reasons for Pale Lips


Before actually searching for ways on how to treat pale lips, get yourself checked with a physician. Many medical problems like hypothyroid, heart problems and anemia have pale lips as one of their side effects. All of these problems can be solved by medication, hence immediately curing pale lips.

Extreme Cold

Another possible reason for pale lips is intense cold. If you have pale lips during winter, or if you live in a city where it’s very cold all round the year, then this could be one of the reasons for pale lips. On exposure to bitter cold, you body increases blood flow in vital organs such as heart, brain, liver etc, thus reducing blood circulation on the surface of the skin. This leaps to overall paleness, which includes pale lips. Trying simple warm up exercises could solve this problem. Go for small walks and keep your skin warm and cozy, this’ll show immediate results.


Overuse of Lipstick Can Lead To Pale Lips


Another major reason that leads to pale lips is application of too much lipstick. If you’re someone who applies lipstick all round the clock then this could be a possible reason for your pale lips. Applying too much lipstick can lead to lack of exposure to oxygen and miniaturization. Most lipsticks are cream based and dehydrate your lips, making them look pale and lifeless. If this is the case then you don’t need to search further on how to treat pale lips. Try using lip butter instead of lipstick for most times in the day, this should immediately bring some color back to your lips.


Naturally Pale Lips


If you naturally have pale lips, then you can try using a lip stain. Choose a good lip stain that moisturizes, as well as gives a lasting effect. Plenty of lip stains are available in the market; you can try the one by ‘The body shop’. It’s slightly expensive but is available in many shades and smells absolutely delicious! Other than that, you can try Sugarbaby’s pink ink and the Gemma lip stain.


Easy Home Remedies To Cure Pale Lips


If you had pink lips that gradually became pale due to over usage of lipstick and gloss, here are some tips to tell you how to treat pale lips. Mix one spoon of honey to two spoons of lime juice. Apply this mixture to your lips, and leave it on for ten minutes. Continue this process 3 to 4 times a week to get effective results.  Honey and lemon juice also nourish and hydrate your lips, making them look fuller and moisturized.


Honey Can Work Wonders!


If you’re confused on how to treat pale lips, try honey! It works like a miracle and gives instantaneous results. Honey is also used to make your lips more plump than usual. Honey is a moisturizing agent. Applying a layer of honey on your lips everyday makes them moisturized and plump. There are many other ways to make your lips plumper. You can try simple facial exercises that will enhance your lip muscles. Try to whistle as loudly as you can. This way, you’re exerting pressure on your lips, making the muscles stronger and increasing the blood circulation in them.


Exercise and Exfoliate


If you’re still wondering how to treat pale lips, an easy way to do so, is by increasing blood circulation on the surface of the lips. Slowly start rubbing your lips with a cotton swab dipped in sugar water. This helps in increasing blood circulation, as well as exfoliating the outer most layer of the lip. Then apply a layer of honey on top. This moisturizes your lips immediately, making them smooth and plump.

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