How to Wear A Snood

Snoods are popular head gear or hair accessory. They can be worn on any occasion and they are most suitable for formal occasions like wedding, formal diner parties and so on.

Snoods are typically a type of hair net made of large loose bags that covered most of the hair. It the early times snood was made from fillet-knotted lace. They were used to encase specific portion of hair. They can be used to cover whole hair or only part of hair like a bun.
Snoods were made from a wide range of materials such as cloth, netting, cotton, lace, silk, muslin, velvet or ribbon. The snoods are most often attached to the bottom of the hair. Many times snoods are designed to lightly cover, yet display, the hair. Snoods that are designed to show off the hair often have accent beads, jewels and precious stones sewn onto the headpiece. These are ornamental and beautiful snoods. Many snoods were made of materials that were not translucent so that hair could be protected. They were mostly made of muslin or some other heavy cloth.
The perfect snood can be worn with any length of hair. The people with longer hair can wear a large snood that would cover their entire hair. They don’t need any other hair accessory to pin their hair, just a snood in which hair can be put into. If a woman with short hair wears snood, then it would give an illusion of long hair. It adds fullness and shape to the body of the hair. Many times many women stuff the snood with artificial hair so as to give the illusion of long and thick hair.
The snood design comes in many kinds like knitted, crocheted or netting. They can also be hand sewn. There are numerous varieties of snood in the market and if you are creative and artistic you can create you own stylish and attractive snood. The snood that is made of thread looks more delicate. They look very attractive if it is mixed with silk and beads.
You can style your hair in different ways with a snood. It can be styled in a soft and loose manner. It can also be styled in fat soft braids that nest loosely into the netting of the snood. Smaller snoods can be worn over a loose chignon or soft fishtail braid. Even if you have curly hair it can be styled in a snood.
Snoods are perfect for many occasions. Brides can get snood made of the same materials as their wedding gown and decorate it with beads and pearls. A little god and silver touch can be added to give it a rich look. It adds up to create a nice ensemble.
If you have fizzy hair and want to hide your hair, you can use a snood to hide it. If you don’t want to tie your hair and also don’t want that your hair should come to your face you can put a snood in your hair and it will keep your hair in place.

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