Hymen Restoration Surgery

Teenaged girls may not be aware of hymen tear since there is no pain, no or little blood loss. Generally the hymen tears into two or more parts and most of the times the tearing is accompanied by slender bleeding that stops spontaneously. In exceptional cases there might bleeding from larger blood vessel and this condition could lead to shock. This particular condition requires blood transfusion in order to make up for blood loss. Severe case of bleeding can be controlled by applying pressure directly on bleeding point and rare cases there is need of surgical assistance.

If women has elastic or wide hymen then it won’t be lacerated with repetitive intercourse, especially in case of a partner with small penis. But actually there are several cases of pregnancy reported even in women’s with elastic hymen. Some of the women’s are born without trace of hymen. Basically there are two different types of hymen restoration procedure namely simple hymenoplasty and alloplant.
Hymen restoration procedure involves joining pieces of hymen remnants and close up the tear. This a simple procedure and performed on women’s just 3 – 7 days before their wedding. During this process the tissues will be pulled together and result is for a temporary time period.  The sutured hymen would tear immediately after having intercourse with partner or husband. In case of surgery the healing is very rare as hymen is moderately avascular.
Hymen restoration procedure is performed by a surgeon using local anesthetic. Then surgeon dissects hymen tissue and stops bleeding from smaller blood vessels. Afterwards the torn regions in upper layer of hymen tissue will be removed. This is done, so that tissues grow back and then they are stitched together. Finally the denuded edges would be brought back reforming hymen. Generally the surgery takes about 1 to 2 hours and women will be discharged on next day. Then as usual the patient can perform her routine activities and there won’t be any scar. The surgery adopts dissolvable sutures for optimal results.
Hymen restoration procedure is not considered as gynecological procedure but it is categorized under plastic surgical process in Western Europe, Japan and United States of America. On the other hand, hymen reconstruction procedure is legal in most of the countries and it’s banned in some countries.
It is advised for women’s to undergo treatment under guidance of a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. The surgeon’s perform hymenoplasty on women’s for religious, cultural or ethnic reasons. Patients who desire high sexual satisfaction are also considered as ideal candidates for Hymen restoration surgery. The cost of hymen restoration surgery depends upon various factors like hymen condition and surgeon’s choice. Usually this medical surgery would cost about 2,500 to 5,000 US dollars. In some countries like France, cost incurred on hymen restoration surgery is reimbursed for women’s considering the cases related to trauma or rape.
Finally its better for girls and women’s to consult a physician before undergoing any kind of hymen restoration surgery.

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hello i want to know were it is that i can find the cheapest place to get this surgery done... i dont have a good paying job and i need this surgery done because of religous reasons so please help!
by Esmeralda     20-May-2012

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