Importance Of Physical Fitness

The state of being physically healthy is what physical fitness is all about. This is more often than not brought about by exercise topped up with proper nutrition. Physical fitness can therefore be said to the state of general wellbeing which can be done by maintaining a physical health and a stable mind. For one to acquire the right physical fitness, they need to have an overall muscular endurance as well as a good state of their mind where they are happy and satisfied. A strong immunity is also part of this physical fitness.


Being physically fit helps in the prevention of various disease occurrences for the immune system develops the capacity to fight off diseases. The process is postponed for the people who keep up to physical fitness. This comes as a result of having lived healthy.

Physical fitness involves all the physical abilities which include flexibility, stamina, cardiovascular capacity, speed, coordination and the overall strength.

Importance of Physical Fitness


Being one of the most significant things in life, physical fitness is of value to the human body and pre-requisites to a happy life. Physical fitness brings balance in a person’s life. Physical fitness has many benefits and here are some of its benefits;

Muscular Strength For Physical Fitness


getting regular exercise style will make one have an increased muscle ability which will help a great deal in exerting force and also sustaining contraction on the muscles. Regular workout will increase the body strength which results from the muscles being strong.

Physical fitness help in gaining flexibility; when one engages inn regular workout they get a flexible body where the muscles, the joints, and the overall body is able to make movements without straining and with much ease.

Cardiovascular Endurance For Physical Fitness  


the strength of the heart is increased by having good physical fitness. This strength is also applied in the delivering of oxygen and nutrients to the body tissues not forgetting the strength to enhance the removal waste is boosted by being physically fit.

When one if physically fit and he feels it, there is a self confidence that comes from within them making them have self confidence which make him/her feel secure. It is always said that the health of the mind and body is a big boost to the self confidence and all this comes from the physical fitness.

A perfect body composition is an indicator of good physical fitness; this is where one has balanced health for instance, having a maximum of lean mass and a minimum of fat means that you are having a healthy body.

Physical fitness helps very much in the body metabolism increase; this simply means that the muscles take in more calories in the body. This helps much in controlling the body weight avoiding problems that arise from calories not being burnt, like obesity which also results to heart diseases. It is therefore very important to a fat free ody.

Physical fitness drives away illness; this is always achieved by one doing enough exercises or a good workout regime. This fitness gives a boost to the immune system of the body hence making the body develop strength against diseases and also against infections.

Physical fitness helps a lot in keeping a healthy mind; this is because the essence of having a healthy mind is having a healthy body. The fitness regime and other exercises lead to endorphin production, these chemicals called the endorphins are responsible for making one happy and this keeps one healthy in return. It is therefore evident that when the body is physically fit, one has a healthy mind too. The physical fitness facilitates a healthy psychological state hence preventing the diseases that are associated with the mind.

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