Is Hair Loss Genetic

Hair loss problem can be genetic. It passes from one generation to the other. Genetic hair loss is very common in men but not in women. The type of hair loss problem totally depends upon the genes of one’s parent. Hair-fall problem is actually the body incapability of producing more hair. In men, genetic pattern baldness is the initial declining of hair line and gradually into small patches of baldness in the center. Usually they are left with only side hairs. On the other hand, female genetic hair loss is quite different from male. Women hairs decline evenly throughout the scalp which will eventually lead to hairlessness.

Hair loss in men is very common. We have seen many men going through this problem, but in women it is very uncommon. Hairs are very precious asset of the women so when it starts to fall out, it causes great shock and loss of confidence in many females as it is very much unexpected.
Usually hair loss is due to – stress, age factor, some kind of illness and genetic. Genetic hair loss is very rare in women.
Hormonal testosterone plays a very important role in genetic hair loss problem. Men who are incapable of producing testosterone do not suffer from genetic hair loss, while in females after menopause there can be declining of hairs or baldness. This is due to the reduction of estrogen level in the body.
It is not always necessary that hair loss or baldness is due to genetic disorder. Sometimes due to age factor, menopause, illness, or some kind of disease, there can be normal thinning of hairs, which can be hardly visible and may not cause baldness. Loosing few hair strands daily while brushing your hair is very normal and it will never cause you baldness or thinning of hair.
Nowadays baldness can be easily removed by the Hair restoration surgery. This surgery can be very expensive but it is a best solution for the baldness. All those who cannot afford this expensive surgery can go for hair plug. Hair plug surgery is a minor surgery and is less expensive then hair restoration. Common man can easily afford hair plug surgery; it is a best alternative of hair restoration.
Genetic hair problem is permanent and can lead to complete balding. Therefore People going through genetic hair problems are helpless, but now days, hair transplanting surgeries or hair plug has given these people hope to live a regular and normal life.


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