Is It Safe To Drink Soda Water


Consumption of soda has gone up significantly around the world. Most of the people drink soda for quenching thirst. In their mind, soda is a substitute for water. This makes them drink soda as frequently as needed. Everything has its own limit. Drinking soda is not an exception to it. In general, no processed beverage can be a substitute for water. Particularly, carbonated beverages can cause harm to health in many situations. Drinking soda once in a while may not have any significant negative effect on health, but drinking it quite often can certainly affect the health. The chemicals present in soda can affect the chemistry of the blood in our body. Many people drinking soda frequently are not aware of the side effects caused by it. They should reduce their consumption of soda to prevent these ill effects. Experts particularly feel that people who drink coffee and soda as well, have increased risk of the side effects caused by caffeine


Culprits in Carbonated Drinks


Most of the soda brands contain fructose or corn syrup as a major ingredient. Aspartame is also used as substitute for sugar in some brands of soda. Sugar in any form is said to have side effects. Another ingredient of soda is phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid can cause kidney stones. This acid absorbs calcium and magnesium available in the blood, and causes stone formation. Also, body is deprived of calcium due to this reason and so, problems related to bones such as osteoporosis can occur. Similarly, magnesium level in the blood also is reduced causing high blood pressure. Fatigue also one of the side effects caused by phosphoric acid. 


Caffeine in Soda

Caffeine is present in soda also and therefore consuming coffee and soda can cause dangerous side effects. The side effects due to doubling of caffeine quantity include irritation in the stomach, low blood pressure, agitation and low sugar level. Regular coffee drinkers should reconsider before drinking soda. Doctors and dieticians advise limiting soda intake. Substituting water, fruit juice and milk for soda will provide health benefits through their nutrients. Soda cannot provide you these benefits. Some experts feel that soda containing aspartame in place of sugar can give some good effects. Aspartame is a non-caloric sweetener. It has two amino acids in it. However, it is believed that aspartame can cause damage to the fetus if pregnant women drink soda frequently. Phenylalanine contained in soda is the suspect. 


Reasons to Avoid Caffeinated Drinks


There are sound reasons for advising you to stop soda drinks. Soda can cause obesity. It can damage your liver. Sodium benzoate, used as preservative in soda, is suspected to be the culprit for this effect. Soda can dissolve tooth enamel. It can cause kidney stones. Soda can affect the ability of the body to process sugar. It can cause acid reflux and heartburn. Drinking soda in large quantities and frequently can cause osteoporosis. It can cause hypertension. It can develop metabolic syndrome and cause heart diseases. It can cause problems related to digestion such as GI distress. Soda can affect mental health too if you are addicted to it. 


Conclusively, drinking soda once in a while may not be harmful, but consuming it frequently and getting addicted to it can cause serious health problems.

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