Is Pineapple Effective For Weight loss

Pineapple and weight loss might go together, but understanding weight loss in itself is more important. How the body reacts to extreme changes in food consumption is perhaps well understood on a more generalized scale than specifics such as pineapple consumption. If you have a question “is pineapple effective for weight loss”, it’s a pretty redundant question, because the answer depends heavily on what else you eat; hence why ask only about pineapple? If we assume that pineapple is good for weight loss and you eat more of it, but also eat a lot of cheese and actually gain weight, how good will the pineapple be?


Pineapple Does Have an Enzyme that Breaks up Proteins


 It’s called bromelain. You can use it to tenderize meat by using it in marinades. Also it inhibits your body from absorbing proteins, and those with protein deficiencies should stay away from fresh pineapple. However this does not answer the question “is pineapple effective for weight loss”. Most meat tenderizers contain bromelain, and most of it is extracted from pineapple stem. The stem contains much more bromelain than the fruit, and canned or cooked pineapple doesn’t have much of it. All this still doesn’t answer the question “is pineapple effective for weight loss”. It’s a better way of going about the topic if we study weight loss in itself instead.

People looking to get some weight loss usually are obese due to excess fat. Pineapple doesn’t directly reduce the fat in your body or food. If you decide to substitute fatty junk food with pineapple whenever you have hunger pangs, the answer to “is pineapple effective for weight loss” is yes. Well, it’s a fruit, it’s tasty, used in piña coladas, and excess is not harmful (unless you eat only pineapple) so you can eat it more and fattening food less, so it’s probably good.

Is Pineapple Effective for Weight Loss Tip 1


 Weight loss is best done by increasing exercise and cutting down on certain foods. Mind you, it’s cutting down, not abstaining. All the nutrients available are essential; otherwise they would not have been nutrients. If pineapple is related to your idea of exercising, then it’s good.

Is Pineapple Effective for Weight Loss Tip 2


There is to be a decrease in intake of processed food. In that case, processed pineapple is not good.

Is pineapple Effective for Weight Loss Tip 3


Crash dieting is usually bad for the body. Instead of burning fat, the body stores fat while burning muscle mass when imposed with a crash diet. So if your idea of eating only pineapple and not much else during a crash diet, pineapple is good for weight loss, but bad for health since crash diets can make you lose access to certain nutrients. For example, complete abstinence from eating fatty foods will deny you access to vitamins A, D and E which are fat soluble. Besides, their excesses are pretty dangerous if you want to go for supplements.

Is Pineapple Effective for Weight Loss Tip 4


If you go about weight loss in a conservative way, that is get more exercise and eat less fattening foods and more fruits, pineapple will increase in your diet. This way pineapple is good for weight loss, and health.

After this discourse, you might be confused and thinking “is pineapple effective for weight loss?” But don’t be afraid, a good dietician will give you an excellent idea. The question itself is framed incorrectly, since there are too few parameters to judge the effectiveness of pineapple alone as a food. The question “is pineapple effective for weight loss” is best left unanswered. The best conclusion achieved is that it is generally effective for weight loss if consumption of fattening foods is reduced, especially if fatty foods are replaced by pineapple. The good thing is that pineapple in itself is not fattening and doesn’t promote assimilation of fats, like bananas do. In that sense alone, it is good for weight loss from an absolute point of view. Apparently, pineapple is the current fad in weight loss stuff, and is quite good if the rules of weight loss are followed, both for losing weght and keeping the body healthy.

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