Is Power Yoga Effective

The foundation of power yoga is built on the ashtanga yoga. Power yoga essentially means that the body can derive a complete workout and simultaneously it can strengthen its mental balance too. All the exercises related to power yoga can be rigorous in nature, but the benefits provided by it often encourages people to overcome any sort of hesitation. Power yoga came into existence during the 1990s because there were many yoga teachers who wanted to introduce ashtanga yoga to the people in the western countries. The common thread between the usual poses of yoga and power yoga is that both of them lay a lot stress on improving the flexibility of a person. It was Beryl Bender Birch, who coined the term “power yoga”. Bryan Kest is also given the credit along with Baron Bapiste for introducing power yoga. 


Suryasana or the sun pose plays an important role in power yoga. This pose consists of nine postures which help every part of the body to exercise and simultaneously a person needs to do some breathing exercises as well. This pose helps in increasing the stamina, focus and it also decreases any kind of tension. The abdominal muscles become stronger with this form of yoga. These exercises can be a boon for people involved in sports like cycling, swimming, etc as the hands and legs become very strong with the aid of the yoga exercises. Many types of diseases can be treated through the poses of power yoga besides helping a person to improve his level of endurance.



The popularity of power yoga is one of the major reasons that today most of the gyms provide classes for the same as many people are interested in them. The benefits provided by power yoga are immense. Besides accentuating the flexibility factor of the body, power yoga also helps in increasing the strength and stamina of a person. If lack of concentration is your problem then it can be solved by practicing power yoga. These days tension has become a part and parcel of our lives, and to ward them away power yoga can be used as a solution. A great figure can be achieved through power yoga without causing the body experience extreme amount of stress. A lot of sweat is produced when a person practices power yoga and this helps him to get rid of the toxins which are present in the body. Athletes can observe a substantial amount of improvement in their performance with regular practice of this yoga. It is very difficult to develop the spiritual aspect of a person through exercises. But power yoga has ushered in a change as it can enhance a person’s spiritual dimension with ease. The best thing about this yoga is that it is free from the clutches of any side effects and it helps you to attain a fit and healthy body. Age is not a deterring factor for this type of yoga as a person belonging to any age group can do this form of exercise.

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