IS THere Any Limit To Green Tea Consumption

It is better if we look at the brighter side of green tea before start thinking is there any limit to green tea consumption. It is said that green tea protects you from various disease at an early age. Studies show that green tea lowers the mortality rate in males and females. Those females who drink green tea are at only 23 % lower than the actual risk of dying whereas the males who drink green tea are only 12% lower than the actual risk of dying, and the reason here can be any general one. Similarly, green tea lowers the risk of dying from stroke in men and women. The percentage it lowers for men and women are 42 and 62 respectively. Another benefit of green tea includes the capacity of green tea to thin the blood which further helps in the prevention of blood clot and the minimization of the damage of the brain which occurs after a stroke. It helps in the prevention of hypertension and lowers the threat of high blood pressure, helps in the protection of brain tumors in kids; it helps in building your muscles as well as bones. It may sound weird but it also helps us to guard our liver from the harmful effects of harsh chemicals and alcohol and most importantly it acts as a savior for not so thin people, it helps them to lose flab. A lot of advantages of green tea have been discussed. In spite of various advantages of green tea there are reasons which force you to think is there any limit to green tea consumption. Therefore, if you are curious to know is there any limit to green tea consumption, then go on further:


To all the tea lovers (especially green tea lovers) it is really hard to digest but the truth is that there are certain harmful effects of tea. Most of the times the benefits of tea are discussed, therefore, it is a critical question is there any limit to green tea consumption. I can list a few points to support myself like is there any limit to green tea consumption. It is necessary to know the key ingredients of tea if you want to figure out the consumption limit of green tea. Major being aluminium, polyphenol and caffeine. 

Green tea contains around twenty milligram per hundred and fifty milliliter of caffeine. Although, this is not a large amount of caffeine, but ceaseless intakes may harm your body. Disorders like constant headache, vomiting feeling, increase in nervousness, epigastria pain, and lack of sleep are general. It is interesting to note that the amount of aluminium which is present is tea is nearly two hundred times more than the amount which is present in coffee, because of the fact that aluminium is absorbed directly by the tea leaves.

If you are willing to know about the caffeine level in different types of teas and where does green tea lies between, then let me give you a brief description on it: fresh tea leaf < oolong tea  

We all know that precaution is better than cure ,even if you are completely healthy and taking large amount of caffeine let’s say, two grams of tea on a daily basis you tend to develop major or minor symptoms regarding the adapting capacity of your body. Some of them might be palpitation of heart, irritability, dizziness and insomnia. Do not drink green tea at night, because of the caffeine content it can give you sleepless night. Make an effort to avoid green tea if you are limiting yourself from caffeine.

These were some points which make you think is there any limit to green tea consumption.

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