Itching During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a woman’s dearest wish. Being able to create a new life from within her is like a miracle and it gives an inexplicable happiness to the lady. The main period of the pregnancy is of about 8-9 months and this major time period is accompanied with many changes in the woman both emotionally and physically. The whole process of the development of the child in the womb affects the health of the lady who carries the child. There are many problems which are faced by the women and one of the most prominent and frequent one is itching on the skin.

The problem of itching is quite irritating during pregnancy and is most usually caused due to the expansion of the uterus in the body as it grows accordingly with the growth of child to hold him. Besides the expansion of the uterus, there are other reasons also which cause itching like lever enzymes which get changed. This change is usually the increase in the level of the bile salt which is secreted in the lever. Also, pregnancy hormones like the estrogen hormone which is secreted in women also cause itching in the body. The itching can be caused also due to allergic response of the woman to some particular food or drink.

The itching is usually observed on the sole of the foot and palms of the hands of a pregnant woman. This type of itching is perfectly normal and is solves with the help of several homemade remedies. These remedies include the regular massage of the skin where the itching is most common. The massage if the skin is done by using any type of moisturizer. The use of moisturizer reduces the dryness of the skin and makes it smooth. It is often suggested that moisturizer should be applied when the skin is a bit damped. Damp skin allows the moisturizer or cream to seep into the skin and the affect of the cream is more profound and for a longer period of time.
Besides applying the moisturizer regularly, a pregnant woman can also use oil in the water while bathing as it does the work of the moisturizing the skin itself. These oils are the olive oil and the coconut oil. Many people suggest the use oatmeal while taking bath as oatmeal is of soothing nature. Wearing loose clothes that too made up of cotton are comfortable and soothing to the lady as they absorb the sweat and provide relaxation. Drinking adequate amount of water also helps and prevents itching. It maintains the moisture content of the body of the woman.
The soaps which are used by the pregnant ladies must be of mild nature and not harsh. Mild soaps do not affect the skin much. The itching is also caused in the area around the belly or the tummy region. Oiling or massaging this region also helps in the relieving the itching.
In some cases, the itching becomes really unusual and very frustrating for the woman who is pregnant. This itching cannot be corrected by the use of moisturizing or massaging. The type of itching which is frustrating requires the reference to a doctor. Often, when the moisturizers are not really effective, the topical reagents and lotions are prescribed by the doctors to the ladies. Sometimes when the problem becomes more serious in nature, steroids are also referred to the patients who relieve them of the itching. In the unusual type of itching, there are little bumps and blisters over the arms and the legs of the pregnant lady. These marks often resemble the insect bite of the summer season. This type of itching is an unusual itching and requires an immediate meeting with the doctor or the physician. The medicines like steroids can be referred by the doctor to erase this problem. Many times, certain ointments are also prescribed to the patient to reduce this type of itching. The itching is not continuous to be faced and surfaces only one time during pregnancy.
 The serious and unusual type of itching can often pose threat to the growth of the child who is inside the womb of the pregnant woman. Usually this problem arises in the last few months of the pregnancy. One gets rid of the problem of itching almost quite immediately when the delivery of the baby takes place. The delight of having a baby makes every single woman to forget the troubles faced by them and the problem of itching leys quite forgotten in their memory lane.

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Eat healthy, avoid the JUNK the packs on the pnudos (like chips and ice cream), fill up on fruits and vegetables at dinner, and eat small meals 4-5 times a day instead of 3 big ones. Try not to snack before bed, if you have to, make it air popped pop corn with no butter it's filling with next to no calories. I eat mine with a little seasoning salt shaken on top for a little flavor. If you HAVE to have ice cream, have it early in the day so you have time to work it off. And afterwards, BREASTFEED. It's WAYYY healthier for the baby, and it helps you burn up the baby fat. Good luck!!
by Alisson     09-Aug-2012

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