Jimmy Kimmel Diet helps to Loose Weight


Jimmy Kimmel who is a popular comedian has come up with his own diet plan which has created a lot of buzz. The news of Jimmy Kimmel’s diet helping celebrities to lose weight have spread like wildfire in the media and people are quite anxious to know the secret behind this diet plan. The Jimmy Kimmel diet is actually a spoof infomercial that is shot by the comedian for his late night talk show.


Jimmy Kimmel’s Diet Plan


As per the infomercial, Jimmy professes a unique idea of losing weight. Jimmy says that one can easily reduce four-fifth of their calorie intake through this diet and at the same time they can have any food of their choice. The main idea behind the diet lies in the fact that Jimmy would be consuming about four-fifth of your meal so that you do not need to consume all the extra calories!


Jimmy Kimmel’s Spoof Video with Popular Celebrities


The spoof video stars a lot of popular Hollywood celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris, Jessica Alba, Emily Blunt, etc, who endorse this diet plan. Neil has been part of this spoof in order to provide all the scientific data related to this diet in his Dr. Doogie Howser avatar. The spoof diet plan by Jimmy Kimmel actually portrays the level of frenzy that a popular diet plan can create in one’s life these days. The Jimmy Kimmel diet plan video has become a rage on the internet as it packs a lot of punch with its comic moments and the celebrities starring in it. Earlier when the news of Jimmy Kimmel diet was spread in the media, then people were expecting a real diet plan but later on it was revealed that it was just a spoof video that was prepared for airing in his late night show.



In the video all the celebrities appreciates the Jimmy Kimmel diet plan as it has helped them to lose oodles of weight. For the laughs, one can also observe the photo shopped before and after pictures of Jessica Alba, Scarlet Johansson (after following the diet) in the video. With so many celebrities starring in the Jimmy Kimmel video, it is very clear that he has many fans in the industry. Jimmy has stated that there is no alternative to exercises and a healthy diet for losing weight naturally. Even most of the Hollywood celebrities endorse the importance of exercise and a proper diet for losing weight in a natural manner.

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