John Cusimano and Rachael Ray Relationship

Rachael Ray is a renowned TV personality and she has written many cookbooks and off late she has launched an olive oil brand as well. In one of her interviews, she has stated that she cannot shower too much of attention on a man, and many of her relationships in the past did not work out because the men demanded too much time and attention. But things are different with her husband John Cusimano as he understands her point of view and does not clamor for her attention all the time.


Rachael met John in the year of 2001 at a party and they tied the knot in 2005 at Tuscany. John Cusimano is a lawyer and he is also the member of a rock band called “The Cringe”. There were rumors about John’s infidelity in the media which stated that he cheated with two women during the time of their marriage. But Rachael has squashed all the rumors by saying that her husband has remained faithful to her and she has always known his whereabouts after their marriage. Off late there has been another rumor that John has been having an affair with Jeanine Waltz since the beginning of his marriage with Rachael. 


After a lot of speculations from the media, John Cusimano and Rachael Ray relationship was discussed in Rachael’s talk show and she cleared the rumors surrounding her husband’s affairs, and claimed that everything is fine between the couple. Off late there have been many rumors which claim that Rachael and John are heading for a divorce. And this piece of rumor was fuelled when it was found that Rachael’s mother was helping her to find a new apartment.  But Rachael’s public relations team has denied this rumor and said that the couple is quite happy with each other and they are not getting divorced. These rumors were also fuelled by Rachael’s proximity with Colby Donaldson who was part of Rachael’s television show. In an interview with People’s magazine, Rachael has said that she does want to have a baby right now because she will not be able to devote appropriate amount of time for the baby with all her professional commitments. In one of the episodes of Racheal’s talk show she had admitted to the fact that the constant rumors about her split with her husband upsets her a lot and she wants the media to stop speculating her relationship.

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Personally, I don't think it's anyones biz what's going on in Rach and John's life. people should wipe their nose not put it in other peoples biz.
by Sue C.     19-Feb-2012
I agree. It's nobody's business what goes on in their private lives together or separately. They both have lives outside the one's they live in public, he in the courtroom or in his band and she on her TV show. They are entitled to privacy, something the media has forgotten about in today's world.
by Gramdma     28-May-2012

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