Kareena Kapoor Again on a Diet Plan

Kareena Kapoor has got a new look for her latest film RA.One starring Shahrukh Khan. Kareena Kapoor again on a diet plan because she wants to attain a different look for her new song in the feature film. All her diet plans are sketched by famous dietician Rujuta Diwekar, who has recently launched a book named ‘Don’t Lose Your Mind Lose Your Weight’. Even during Kareena’s Tashan days, it was Rujuta who had guided her with the diet plans and we had seen the amazing results in Kareena within the past couple of years.

According to Rujuta, she had to sketch a diet plan for Kareena keeping in mind her hectic schedule as she is shooting for the film, Short Term Shaadi and RA.One within the same time. The shooting for Short Term Shaadi took place in Las Vegas whereas some parts of RA.One had to be canned in Mumbai. Therefore Rujuta, had developed two diet plans, one for Kareena’s stay in Mumbai and another diet plan when she was shooting in Las Vegas. With the new diet plan Kareena has lost around five kilos and she is looking amazing in the new item song for the film, RA.One. Rujuta also says that it was quite difficult to sketch a plan for Kareena when she was shooting in Las Vegas because it was difficult to find the right food items there as they were shooting outside the city. There was a different diet plan which was followed by Kareena during the day and there was a different diet plan for the nights. At around four in the morning Kareena used to have milk shakes and food that were very light so that she was able to bear the cold weather and feel energetic about the hectic work schedule. There was a particular scene is Short Term Shaadi were Kareena had to eat a lot of pancakes with maple syrup, which had got Rujuta quite worried because she felt that it would hamper with the diet plans but when Kareena returned from Las Vegas, she had lost around five kilos of weight.

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now she is full weight after bodyguard movie.
by ansh     21-Feb-2012
hii.. i m 5'4.. 63kgs.. its quite normal. but wana becum little thin.. i think m genetically fat.. i.e.. even by not eating dat much i m still fat in arms nd legs.. also stomach.. plz help any how.. thnkss..
by dods     10-Apr-2012
my height is 5' and,my weight is 59kgs.. I want to loose 10kg.. but not getting correct method.. please suggest something..
by pooja darak     17-Apr-2012
hey...am 5'4 50kgs...wanta lose weight by this....wat should i do?
by liza     16-Apr-2012
hii...i m 50kgs....my height is 5'...i want to loose 10kg...wat should i do ?
by ilma ali     29-Apr-2012
hi i am 5'3 and 71 kgs i want to reduce,people say i look cute what should i do plz help?
by shreya     07-Jun-2012

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