Kate Gosselin's Botched Botox Story

Kate Gosselin is a famous actress and mother of eight kids. She earned some money in the reality show and invested that money in Botox work to get better looks.

You must have seen the recent photos of Kate Gosselin. You found that there are some very montage eyebrows. You can guess that there is something fishy. Several plastic surgeons agreed that Kate Gosselin is the victim of some Botox treatments that went wrong. Basically her Botox work went very wrong for her. This has been the speculation after comparing her earlier photos.

The "before" and "after" photos have been circulation all over the internet. People are comparing it and finding the error of Botox. It seems that this mother of eight got carried away with her plucking eyebrows. In fact, this has made few people fearful of getting Botox treatment. However, there is nothing much to fear, it is a mistake and the only solution is to get proper information about the Botox treatment before investing your money and body for Botox or any other cosmetic treatment.

Her eyebrows look very funny. Eyebrows are far apart, which is easily noticeable and severe. One of the surgeons said that she has the distinctive appearance of Botox treatment or Dysport that has been badly placed in the gap between the eyebrows where the frown line occurs. Another surgeon said in addition, "the lateral part of her brow is elevated in an abnormally high position, which my patients refer to as McDonald's arches!"

The doctors who have seen her earlier photos refer that she looked better earlier. She had nice smile, great hair and normal looking eyebrows. However, the "after" photos reflect poor placement of Botox in the space between the eyebrows.

Surgeon and also people think that Kate Gosselin's doctor needed to take some time for making decision where the needle was to stick. This is an example of bad injection technique with poor placements. It can be said that the injections were done in a haphazard pattern and no consideration for her particular anatomy. The after picture is looking like devilish when compared to her earlier photos. If you closely look at the picture you will see the outer brow is too high. This makes her look devilish. Few people are comparing her with a Disney villain.

According to Pearlman there are chances that Kate has the Botox injection injected in the "V" shape in between the eyebrows on the forehead. This means that the temple muscles were not affected. However, they overacted giving her a Jack Nicholson look. In fact, her upper eyelids are bit hollow looking and it is assumed that it is because the eyebrows have been pulled upward.

However, after all this bad news, the good news is that this botched Botox work can be corrected. It can be done by giving few Botox injections above her eyebrows. This will drop the eyebrows a bit. Another way can be (as said by Dr. Tony Youn) to wait and watch the subsiding effect of Botox as Botox treatment is not a permanent phenomenon. So, let's hope for best for Kate Gosselin.

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