Kim Kardashian Wedding Date and Invitation

The wedding invitation of Kin is now doing the rounds as talk of the town. Kim Kardashian always does things on a large scale. Her television show, “Keeping up with the Kardashains” has hooked 5 million viewers as they look into the personal life and doings of the Kardashian family. Kim is slated to get married on 20 August 2011 to Kris Humphries, the sportsperson. The wedding is scheduled to be telecast live and is rumoured to have a budget of 10 million dollars.

The biggest wedding of the year is 3 weeks away. Kim is reported to have said that she wants her wedding to put the Royal Wills-Kate wedding in the shade. Details of the wedding venue released to the media so far point to an estate in Montecito, California as the location.

Kim and Kris dated for 6 months before getting engaged in May 2011. The size of the engagement ring (20.5 carat diamond) has given rise to curiosity about the potential size of the wedding ring. Kris reportedly proposed to Kim by spelling out “Will you Marry me” in red rose petals on the floor of Kim’s room. Kim has briefed Vera Wang with the task of designing 2 wedding dresses.

The wedding Invite

The wedding invite is surprisingly traditional. At the top of the white card is an embossed family crest made up of the bride and groom's initials. The invite goes out from Kim’s mother, Kris and her stepfather, Bruce Jenner as the bride’s family is hosting the wedding. The ornate script reads: "Kris and Bruce Jenner request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter Kimberly Kardashian to Kristopher Humphries.”

The one of a kind invite is covered with hundreds of black haematite crystals. The extensively decorated invitation card comes in its own ornate box and is hand delivered to the 1000 wedding guests by people dressed as centaurs in different pastel hues. The proud mother of the bride, Kris, has put in many sleepless hours getting the details just right. The card reflects the Kardashian family’s obsession with the letter K – apparently the groom’s name has also been spelt with a K instead of a C!

The wedding venue is a private estate in California nestled in the city that is home for the richest community in the area. Apparently there will be an entire fleet of chauffeur driven Rolls Royce Phantoms and Maybachs to ferry the family and guests to the venue. The wedding is themed around white, black, and cream and silver. The elaborate flower arrangements, the bridesmaid’s dresses, the cars and even the chauffeur’s uniforms are likely to follow this colour scheme.

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