Kim Kardashian Wedding Surprise

Kim Kardashian is the woman who has it all! She is the prime player in a hit television reality series and one of the top earners on television in 2010. She has a large loving family, a doting fiancé in Kris Humphries and a 20 carat engagement ring. Her multimillion dollar wedding is scheduled for 20 August 2011 and now her cup of happiness is overflowing with news of her dream baby.

Kim is 30 while Kris just turned 26. Kim feels her biological clock is ticking. After having had her share of failed romances, is ready to settle down with Kris. In the early days of her romance with Kris, she is rumoured to have tweeted him a photo of a young Kris with the  comment ,”I want a baby which looks just like this” and  Kris is alleged to have replied “I can help you with that!”  A good reason indeed for Tweeters will be waiting for the Kind Kardashian’s wedding surprise to unfold.

As always the media went berserk reporting each and every fine detail on the run up to the wedding of Kim Kardashian. Well, ever since news of her engagement hit the media, Kim and Kris have been at the receiving end of rumours about Kim’s pregnancy and the baby. The happy couple have always reiterated their hopes for children and a large family. One of Kim’s friends has quoted to the media ‘Kim always thought she’d have at least one or two kids by now, so she’s absolutely in a hurry. And Kris loves kids and doesn’t see any reason to wait; her friends are even taking bets on whether it will be a boy or a girl.” 

Kim Kardashian’s sisters, Kourtney and Khloe have had life changes of their own- Khloe married Lamar Odom and Kourtney has son Mason with Scott Disick. Kim is the most famous of the trio and given her penchant for attracting attention, is unlikely to give up the spotlight to her lesser known sisters.

It is ‘K’ magic all the way it seems. The Kardashian girls have names starting with the letter K- mother Kris, daughters Kourtney, Khloe, Kim, Kendall and Kylie. Kim shares this penchant and has started reserving names beginning with the letter K, according to her sisters. Well, Kim has a fiancé whose name starts with K and there is every possibility that their offspring would have names starting with K too! This is going to be another facet of Kim Kardashian’s wedding surprise.

In an interview given soon after her engagement, Kim has said that she wants a baby no later than 2012 and intends to get pregnant soon after the wedding. Considering that Khloe and Lamar are planning a family and Kourtney and Scott intend adding to their family, the world will hear the pitter patter of tiny feet soon!

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