Know all About Hair Highlights

Highlighting your hair is an easy way to change your look. It makes the hair look prettier and if done professionally, adds volume to the hair as well.

However, contrary to popular belief, it differs from hair coloring. When one opts for hair coloring, the color of their entire hair changes. On the other hand, hair highlighting colors only definite strands which ultimately stand out. Those who opt for hair lighting usually choose vibrant shades which add a metallic sheen to them.


There are Number of Categories Under Hair Highlighting


Under Foil Highlighting, the hair dresser will use pieces of foil for the purpose of separating the hair and wrap the colored parts into it. This is done so that the colored portions do not mix with the rest of the hair.

Under Hair Painting, the hair dresser will paint on the color to the desired strands with the help of a brush or a comb made for this purpose.


Under Chunking, the hair dresser will divide your hair into chunks and then color the desired portions.

Under Low Lighting, the hair dresser will apply lighter shades to the desired portions.

A large number of people prefer to highlight their hair at home rather than going to the salon. Several people gain inspiration from movie stars. In the past, people tended to rely on natural methods to highlight their hair but currently, people use chemicals for this purpose. This method is not recommended as the chemicals used are very strong and can permanently damage ones hair if one tends to stay out in the sun for too long. Another disadvantage is that it may prove to be difficult for one to get back the original hair quality and texture.

Different Methods

One can either carry out the highlighting process at home or visit a salon. If you are confident about using chemicals on your own, you can opt for the highlighting kits. These kits are inexpensive and are easily available. If you find it difficult to carry it out on your own, it is recommended that you ask a friend to help you. A towel, protective gloves and a timer is a must if one wants perfect results. It is also recommended that you highlight one single portion before going ahead with the entire process to prevent any problems.

However, if you are most comfortable getting it done at a salon, it is essential that you ask for the same stylist every time you do so that the uniformity can be maintained.

If you want a natural look; it is recommended that you opt for a lighter shade. The reason being that this will make your hair look naturally lightened by sunlight and will not make it look too flashy. This type of hair will look appropriate with casual clothes, formal as well as office wear. The hair stylist will attach a plastic cap with a large number of holes onto your head. Your hair will be pulled out through these holes and the process will be carried out accordingly.

If one wants to opt for a wild and bright look; you can opt for getting your hair highlighted in bright neon shades or those colors that clash. A large number of teenagers opt for this method of highlighting as it gives them a different look. However, it is important that you approve the combination and discuss it thoroughly with your hair stylist as one wrong move in such a case can lead to a social disaster.

Glancing through beauty magazines or other such journals will allow you to choose the kind of highlights you want to opt for. However, this must be complimentary to the texture of your hair as well as your hairstyle. Your complexion must also be kept in mind at all times.

If you want to be different, it is recommended that you opt for the multiple shade look. Under this method, two shades are applied to your hair. This gives the hair a different textured appearance. Products available for this use are sometime temporary and disappear after a particular number of head washes. If you opt for a permanent look, you must get it re-done every so often so that it doesn’t look messy.

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