Know How Metabolism Comes In Way Of Weight Loss

Many individuals know that metabolism can burn calories and that it is linked to one’s weight but can you explain how it happens? The most important thing to know is how metabolism can burn calories, how it can affect an individual’s weight and the steps that can be used to burn the excess calories to loose weight. Some people think that the slim individuals have high metabolism unlike the over weight individuals though this is not right because weight and metabolism do not link directly as such. Weight comes in depending on the number of calories that one consumes and the ones that are burned down.

Metabolism is just a process by which food that is taken into the body is converted to energy. During this process, the complex biochemicals are mixed with calories thus, they produce energy for the body that maintains its function. These complex substances include proteins fats and calories among others. The energy that is burned by ones body is known as the total body expenditure. The total body expenditure involves three factors namely, basic needs, physical activities and food processing. Physical activity such as the simple exercises that one might be involved in is important and accounts for the number of calories that are used up.
Basically, one is in apposition to control the number of calories based on the frequency intensity and duration of the activities. When it comes to processing of food, digesting, absorption, transportation and the storage also consumes the energy. This has been proved to take not less those ten percent calories that is spent daily by the individual. The body’s energy requirement to process food is always steady and does not change easily. When it comes to basic needs, energy is very crucial because even when you are at rest it still requires energy. This energy is used for adjusting the levels of the body hormones, creation of blood, breathing and repairing of the damaged cells in the body as well.
The calories that perform the above mentioned activities in the body are the basal metabolic rate. Generally the basal metabolic rate is what consumes the largest energy and represents a big number of calories that is used each day. Actually it is not reasonable to relate the excess body weight with low metabolism. Several overweight individuals do not have hypothyroidism though the medical examination can show or reveal whether the medical condition may be influencing one’s weight. What can be said is that excess weight is due to imbalance of energy that consumes more calories than the ones that are burnt by the body. When you would like to loose your weight, then it is better to form an energy deficit through taking small amount of calories, and increasing the rate of calories burn that can be done through carrying out physical activities among others.
Weight is a balancing act and the calories play a big role in maintaining ones body weight. This makes it important for an individual to know how calories can influence his or her weight and other ways that can be used to reduce them from the diet. Actually weight loss is all about calories because they are the energy providing food and the body is always in demand for the energy and it utilizes the calories from food to ensure that the body is functioning accordingly. The calories produce energy that fuels each and every action or activity that takes place in the body. It is advisable that one consumes the food that is rich in calories such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats among others.
The calories that are taken in an individual’s body are directly converted to physical energy and are stored as fats. These calories can remain in one’s body for a long period of time if they are not utilized through physical activities so as to burn them or by reducing the amount of calorie intake to enable the body to draw the stored fats. It is true that when you take in few calories, you are able to loose weight and keep off for a long time. It is best to eat special food with reduced number of calories for you to loose weight and be able to control hunger as well.

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