Know Why Are You Sleepy After Eating Food

The most difficult hour at work is the half an hour post lunch! This statement sounds familiar doesn’t it? It’s aggravated if our food contains sweets or edibles made from flour-like bakery products and pastas. We grab a cup of coffee or take awalk. But often it does not help. The productivity drops during the post lunch hours and also our ability to concentrate. Though some physicians advice to go for an afternoon nap and state that would improve performance post lunch. But practical speaking it is very difficult and rather undesirable to fall asleep at work .So why do we feel sleepy after eating?   Let’s begin by sayings it is absolutely normal to feel sleepy post a meal. The brain produces more Serotin when we consume food that has sugar or flour in it. Serotin is a neurotransmitter. It is generally produced by our brain at night to help us fall asleep. Once we have sugary or foods with flour which is generally part of most diets across the world, the blood sugar level rises more than the desired levels. This leads the pancreas to work more and release insulin in our blood streams. With increased levels of insulin in the blood, Tryptophan, a protein building block moves to the brain. In the brain it is converted to Serotin which makes us feel tired and we want to go for a nap. The condition exists till the food is completely digested.

Sleepy after eating food

Some people however do not agree to this theory. The alternative theory is that the body concentrates its efforts on digestion post meal. Drowsiness will occur irrespective of the components of the meal. Digestion of any large meal whether it is rich in carbohydrates or proteins or fats will cause the brain to react in a manner resulting to drowsiness.

Now feeling a little tired is normal but if one is feeling very tired and can’t keep his eyes open it might be a concern. In case the concern is severe it’s advisable to visit a medical practitioner. For normal cases though it’s not very difficult to avoid this scenario. A little alteration in the diet can do it. If you have an important meeting or need to be active after a meal, don’t eat bakery products or foods rich in sugar. Some lean meat, fish, green salads, vegetables and nuts are great options as they take longer to be digested. Hence the insulin rises slowly.
A number of people however have stated that they love the drowsiness post meals which they consider as an indicator of a sumptuous meal. People who have the provision to take a nap post meals should not be too worried about the mentioned symptoms. As already stated earlier a small nap can improve efficiency once you begin to work post lunch. The small nap also helps you in getting a good night sleep. So do not be too perturbed about being sleepy after eating if it does not impact your work. Rather enjoy it!!!
The symptoms after having food can vary among individuals. But drowsiness is common and one should not loose their sleep over the fact that they are sleepy. Apart from sleepiness there are some other post meal irregularities like allergy, indigestion and insulin problems. Medical practitioners should be consulted for all these symptoms. There are numerous people who suffer from the problem of post meal drowsiness, but this can be alleviated through proper treatment.
Often the post meal drowsiness is associated with excess body fat. Researchers reveal that the people who have excess accumulation of fat on their body are more vulnerable to this problem. So, it is advisable that the excess fat should be cut down in order to avoid the post lunch drowsiness. It is better to avoid eating the fat laden foods and eat more of fresh vegetables and fruits. This would not only help to cut down the body fat but also add the vital energy elements to the body.
The short afternoon nap is not always bad and every time you feel sleepy after a meal doesn’t mean that you have a problem with your body or the foods that you take. If at all you are in doubt about your lazy mind and body after the lunch, you can consult your doctor for further advice.


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My roommate gets very tired after every meal, why does this happen ??
by George     31-Mar-2012
Your roommate could have diabetes. My husband would fall asleep on the couch after eating. Change the diet, get rid of the sugar and bad carbs, eat the protein and fat before the good carbs (veggies) and see if he feels better.
by Jenn     08-Apr-2012
After eating meals with potatoes or breads I get very tired. If I eat soups or salads (ie. light meals ) I don't feel tired. And Jenn could be right as I am type 2 diabetic. Diet is everything.
by ken     14-May-2012

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