Laser treatment for stretch marks

Laser treatment for stretch marks is a revolution in the removal of stretch marks. It is a new and an innovative way to cure a kaleidoscope of skin related problems. It is a cosmetic technique in which the upper layer of the skin is vaporised. The laser treatment is also used to abrogate stretch marks, wrinkles and fine lines. The technique is such that a sharp laser beam is targeted on the affected area and it eventually removes dead or damaged skin cells so that a new layer of skin, which is free of skin problems, can be formed.

Laser Peeling Stretch marks

The laser treatment for stretch marks is similar to dermabrasion and chemical peeling, which could also be the reason why the laser treatment for stretch marks is also called laser peeling. With the aid of the laser treatment dark spots, scars, marks of hyper pigmentation, acne and blemishes can also be removed. The ease of laser treatment for stretch marks is such that there is no obvious bleeding during the treatment, minimum discomfort and virtually no post operative stress.

Laser treatment is particularly successful in removing stretch marks, fine lines, and wrinkles around the eyes, the mouth and forehead. Stretch marks on the body can also be easily abrogated as the state of art technology is par excellence with any skin treatment technology, making it an immaculate and articulate laser treatment for stretch marks. The treatment of skin problems with the help of laser technology is usually done under the effect of local anaesthesia or sedative to abrogate any sort of discomfort caused to the patient. The post operative stages are not discomforting and the recouping time depends on the depth of the layers of skin, the laser had to penetrate. Owing to their high tech technology, the laser treatment for stretch marks can be extremely under the doctor’s control, for the fineness of the laser beam offers articulate results. Though people are still scrutinising the effects of laser on the skin, in the popular thought, it is not very famous. People still prefer conventional anti stretch marks creams and lotions, chemical peeling, dermabrasion, botox to stiffen the epidermis and collagen to supply the skin with the required fullness to be able to undertake stress and strain.

Limitations of Laser treatments stretch marks

 Like all treatments even laser treatment for stretch marks has its limitations. People with an olive or dark skin have not usually reported a successful laser treatment as laser treatment can involve unnecessary lightening of the skin. Mild swelling post the treatment is reported but pain killers will help you out. Don’t expose the newly formed skin to sun as it may damage the skin. However, laser treatment for stretch marks has been extremely successful and due to a record capable of being highlighted, you will see advertisements all over the papers, television and other forms of media. Do not get duped by any marketing strategy and decide for your self under the guidance of a dermatologist to see what your skin is capable to accept.  

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