Loreal Paris Youth Code Rejuvenating Anti Wrinkle Night Cream Review



Wrinkles are the signs of aging. Whether it is a man or a woman the signs of aging is not liked by anyone. Due to the dust, stress and sun rays the skin will tend to look aged. It is better to use the loreal Paris youth code rejuvenating anti wrinkle night cream for looking more young. This cream has to be applied in the night and this will work wonderfully in a few weeks. As the cream will hydrate the skin in the morning the skin will have a glow. You will feel special with the look.


Price & Quantity: Price of 50ml is Rs. 1092.


Ingredients: Adenosine is a strong anti aging ingredient used in this cream. There are rich hydrates also used here to keep the skin wrinkle free and gives a glow to the skin.


Loreal Reviews: Loreal Paris is a French company basically. It deals with beauty products. Loreal Paris youth code rejuvenating anti-wrinkle night cream is a specialized product which will hydrate the skin. The skin will become smooth like silk after using the product. This product is tested in their laboratories and they will give definite affect. If the cream is used continuously the affect is noticeable.


Color, Texture & Packaging: Loreal Paris youth code rejuvenating anti wrinkle night cream has a luxurious texture and has a lot of moisturizing ingredients. The cream is packed in a black flat attractive jar.

Directions to Use and Uses: Use a mild soap to clean your skin and then apply the Loreal Paris youth code rejuvenating anti wrinkle night cream in the night and massage it lightly. Massage it for 2 to 3 minutes for better results. If this process is repeated everyday, then you will notice the change. People around will surely find the difference of your skin looking younger.


After the skin is affected by age it is difficult to bring it back to original texture. But with Loreal Paris youth code rejuvenating anti wrinkle night cream, your hopes will become true. The skin will get a glow and look young.


Pros and Cons:


You will get a glowing skin. The skin will look younger than before. Skin is healthier and can tolerate the sun rays also.


Using this everyday has to be practiced. This will give a greasy feeling on the face when we go to sleep.


My Recommendation: I feel this product has changed my face a lot. I have a glowing skin and strongly recommend this product.


My Rating: My rating for this product is a complete five as my wrinkles have almost vanished. I think I should use it for a few more days to get better effect.


Compare With Same Product and Other Brand: I somehow like this brand as it did not give any side affects. I have used many other popular brands and think that this is more affective than them. 

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