Main Causes For Acidity


Everyone complains of acidity at some point or the other in his/her life. Every day, the stomach undertakes the function of secreting a specified amount of acid that plays an important role in the digestion of food that we consume. The function of the acid is to break up the food as part of digestion. Due to various reasons, the stomach sometimes secretes acid amounts that are quite excessive. Normally, the stomach has enough protection against the secreted acid. But at times acidity results when there is an abnormal amount of acid secretion. The other name for acidity problem is Acid Peptic Disease which is known as APD in short.


Causes of Acidity


There are various causes for the acidity problem. Some of the possible causes of acidity problem are either incompatible food or some types of food in addition to certain emotional states. The main causes for hyper acidity can be listed as follows:


1. Eating fried, fermented/stale/sour or spicy and hot foods including onions and garlic frequently; drinking too much coffee, or tea


2. Not eating at fixed times or skipping meals.


3. Consuming excessive amounts of sweets and fats.



4. having the habit of drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes regularly


5. exposing oneself to the hot rays of the sun excessively


6. Staying in a negative emotional state like worry, fear and anger continually.


In addition to dietary and emotional causes, the other causes for acidity problem are:


1. Reflux of acid to the esophagus from a person’s stomach. The reason for this may be the weakening of the function of a valve that is present between the esophagus and the stomach or because the person ate heavily and immediately performed some strenuous physical actions.


2. Reduced flow of blood to the person’s stomach.


3. Eating cereals and citrus fruits simultaneously as these foods are not compatible with each other. Similarly, fish must not be eaten with milk. 


Alkaline Foods Counteracts Stomach Acidity


It is safe to eat alkaline foods like: fruits and vegetables and avoid foods that can cause excess secretion of stomach acid. If the excessive production of acid is not prevented or controlled, it can lead to complications like ulcer which will take a while to get cured.


Limit Acidic Foods: As prevention is better than cure, it is better to limit the intake of those foods that can trigger excessive acid production.


Avoid Sunrays in the Evening: It is also important to stay away from the direct rays of the sun from afternoon till evening especially during summer.



Take a Balanced Diet: You should not consume food when you are deeply emotional. Skipping meals is also detrimental to the well-being of the stomach.


Avoid Stale Food: It is better to consume food that has been prepared fresh and avoid stale or sour food. If the cause of the acidity problem is a stress factor that triggers a particular emotional state, it is better to alter the lifestyle to reduce the effect of the stress factor.


Workouts to Reduce Acidity: Relaxation techniques and consumption of milk or tender coconut can reduce the symptoms of acidity. A person’s body temperature too can increase as a result of acidity.

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