Main Reasons for Female Hair Loss

Hair loss is generally very common in men. But now days women are also becoming the victim of hair loss problem. Specialists say that one in every four women may counter the problem of hair loss at some stage in their lives.


Well everyone loses some hair everyday while combing. It is very common. But if you startlosing your hair in masses or in clumps then itis high time to seek doctor’s advice.


Causes of Female Hair Loss


Unbalanced Diet- deficiency of vitamins, proteins, iron, and essential minerals results in hair loss.


Menopause- During menopause generally women suffer from female pattern baldness due to drastic change of hormones.


Absence of Proper Hair Care- excess coloring of hair may lead to unhealthy hair because hair colors includes chemicals which can badly affect your hairs, hair drying with the dryer and use of curly irons for curling the hairs. These things badly affect the texture and the health of the hairs which can cause severe hair fall or the baldness.


Hereditary- Some women may also has hereditary of losing hairs. Hereditary plays a very important role in baldness or thinning ofhairs.



Androgen Etic Alopecia- It is very hard to believe, but it is true that most women suffering from hair loss suffers from androgen etic alopecia, which is nothing but the reaction of male hormones in the body. This isthe main reason for male hair loss. In the case of women the influence of this reaction may be less due to the female hormones.


Telogen Effluvium- Telogen Effluvium is the very common cause of female hair loss. When the person goes through immense stress or tension, or any trauma, it affects to the normal growth cycle of the hairs which results in thinning of the hairs or hair loss.


Alopecia Areata–The third most prevalent reason for female hair loss is alopecia areata. It is generally caused due to the weak immune system.


The Other main reasons for the thinning of hairs or baldness are- stress, tension, unhealthy diet, diabetes, cancer etc.


If you experience severe hair loss, it is always advisable to visit your physician, to have early treatments. 

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