Make up Foundation for Oily Skin

A foundation is a liquid or power based makeup that is applied on facial skin to make it appear even and cover up imperfections. It is very difficult to find foundations to suit oily skin that will stay in place and look good. Often women who have an oily complexion also suffer from blotchy, red, acne prone skin. This is why women with oily skins, have a difficult time applying make-up to their skin.


How to Choose the Right Foundation



People with oily skins experience too much shine with the makeup getting darker as the day goes by. This is because the oil mixes with the make-up, which causes it to darken the skin. Hence the choice of the foundation is extremely important, as it needs to even out your skin tone and hide imperfections. When shopping for the foundation for oily skin, choose the one that is oil free and also non-comedogenic. Cream and powder based foundations are best for people with combination skin.


Selection of the Right Foundation


Always select an oil-free foundation which is specifically suited to oily skin. Oil-free liquid foundations provide sheer natural looking coverage. This is one area where you should not hesitate to choose from a high quality brand. It is very difficult to find a local brand that is up to the task of absorbing facial oil. As a result, most are sticky or thick formulas that will shine off your skin within a matter of hours. If you must choose a more known brand, that stays on for around 6-8 hours and provides a reasonable amount of even coverage.


The mineral based foundations are not only affordable but are also best suited for oily skin types. They contain no oil and will not cause much skin irritation. They are available in pressed powder form or in liquid form.


How to Apply


1. Cleanse the Face with a gel facial cleanser that gently removes oil and dirt particles from your face without depriving it from essential moisture.  


2. You can either apply the oil free foundation with your finger tips or use make-up brushes or sponges. Care should also be taken while applying makeup.


3. For oily skin, use a makeup sponge, rather than your fingers is highly recommended. Take a small amount of foundation and blend it using upward movements. Using the fingers can actually result into transfer of more oil onto your face.


4. Use a powder puff to gently apply pressed powder on to your face and set the foundation. The powder absorbs excess oil and also lends a fresh look to your face.  

Sunscreen should be applied to reduce the effect of sun which can again turn the skin more oily

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dear mam, meri skin oily hai, but in winter mer skin dry ho jaati hai, or meri skin par pimples ke spots hai. mujhe kesa makeup use karna chanhiye or lipstik mai dry chanhati hu wo kese,or kis company se milegi
by poonam singh     25-Feb-2012
Hi.I have used this foundation and followed the application method resulting in removal of greasy surface and brightens up the whole applied section of the face..
by Shabana     03-Apr-2012

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