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Makeup has become a perfect friend for not only women but also the men of today. The makeup foundations not only hide the scars and blemishes on one’s face, but also provide a beautiful, smooth and glowing look. These foundations come in a variety of forms and types, to suit varied skin types and tones. Similarly, the method of applying them also vary based on the effect desired.


The following are few tips which need to be considered while choosing and applying a makeup foundation.


1. Choose a foundation which suits best to your skin tone. Foundation comes in various forms. Oil or liquid based foundation should be preferred for a skin which is dry and rusty. Such foundations provided much needed moisture to the skin. However these foundations should be avoided if you have an oily skin.


2. For Dry skin, tinted moisturizers also serve as a good choice as they provide good skin coverage without drying the skin.


3. If you have an oily skin, choose a foundation that is one shade lighter than your natural shade. Incorrect choice of foundation can result in too much shine with the makeup getting darker as the day goes by. This is because the oil mixes with the make-up and causes the skin to darken. 


4. Foundation products which contains synthetic chemicals like Formaldehydes, Paraffin, Imidazolidinyl urea, Diazolidiny urea, Parabens (methyl, propyl, butyl, ethyl,) etc should be avoided as these chemicals can result into pre-mature ageing and rashes.


5. Foundation can be applied either with the help of tools like sponges, brush etc or simply with your fingers. In case of oil based foundation, use of finger tips is not recommended as fingers result into transfer of more oil onto your face and make it shine too much. In such cases, use of a makeup sponge is highly recommended.  


6. Concealer is also very important and is applied to hide blemishes, sores, bags, and other marks on the face. It comes in lot of shades and one should use a light concealer matching with the skin color to maintain naturalness.


7. Choose the foundation that contains sunscreen if you travel a lot.


Though foundation serves as a perfect tool to make your face bright and beautiful, it is also worthy to note that though makeup improves the look, it also exposes the skin and body to harmful chemicals which form the ingredients to the foundation products available in market today. The chemicals present in many of the foundation products can create adverse reactions which can severely damage your skin as they may block the pores. Hence choose only quality products and prefer established brands over local products.

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Hair products: I loved bed head, auohtlgh it is not worth its price. Herbal Essences good and they have a variety of options I can pick through to find the kind of hair I want. 3 minute miracle works really good and leaves your hair shiny soft and smooth.I don't buy any of my hair products unless it is too expensive and my parents don't want to buy it.Makeup/skin products: Cover girl Professional mascara (doesn't clump, cheap, all in one) Cover girl eye pencil (goes on nicely) mabeline powder illuminater (adds a touch of sparkle)I don't believe in spending an arm and a leg for makeup it's just stupid and I generally like to go natural.My parents usually buy makeup for me just because I usually don't ask for it.Every day I straighten my hair, every other day I deep condition to keep it hydrated.I wash my face when I have time.Waste of money? PRO-ACTIVE used it for a month and it made my acne worse!
by Dorothy     29-May-2012

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