Makeup Tools - A Beginner's Guide

Make up is the art of application of cosmetics. Just as an artist paints his picture on canvas, so does the makeup artist use his tools to camouflage facial flaws and accentuate good features.  A good make up kit should include foundation, concealer, blusher, lipstick, gloss, lip liner, eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow. It is best to use special applicators to apply each of these cosmetics.  Hence, the makeup kit, to be complete, would need to include make up brushes and sponges of different types. The kit should include make up remover, facial tissue and cotton balls and a spray bottle to spritz water.  Absorbent and soft towels and tissues are necessary for wiping excess make up or to adjust the application. Appropriate brushes and sponges complete the list of essential make up tools.


Make up Tools Which are a Must in a Makeup Kit are


1. A handy make up sponge to apply cream foundation evenly. The sponge should be cleaned after each use by soaking in a solution of warm water and mild shampoo and dried thoroughly.


2. A fluffy brush to apply translucent powder over the foundation once it has set.


3. A good quality concealer stick to hide acne pits and dark under eye circles



4. Blush is available in cream, powder and gel varieties. Cream blush can be applied with a special sponge. Gel blush is available with a special applicator. The powder blush is easiest to apply with flat brushes with thick, soft bristles.


5. Kohl can be conveniently applied if it is in pencil form. Liquid eyeliner is available with special applicators. Smoky eyes which are a fashion trend are made up by smudging pencil kohl and by giving a thick outline to the eyes with eyeliner.


6. Eye shadow is available in cream and powder form. Cream eye shadow is applied with a sponge applicator while powder eye shadow can be applied with small, short headed brushes specific to eye shadow application.


7. Lip liners are available in pencil form and are sold with special sharpeners. The inner lips are filled in with lipstick using thin lip brushes.


8. Liquid mascara is sold with spiral brushes for the purpose of coating eye lashes with mascara.


9. A stationery mirror and a hand mirror to check the make up from different sides.


Professional makeup artists use only good quality make up brushes and sponges as these are a worthwhile investment. Cleanliness and maintenance is a must. These make up tools are carried in compact cases specially designed for the purpose. To avoid contamination and spreading of infections, tools used for eye makeup should never be shared.

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