Massage While Breast feeding

The general feeling that people have about a massage is that it tends to soothe and relax the person. Massages are done to de-stress and also to de-toxify a person so that he feels a fresh lease of energy. But, nursing mothers are concerned to a great extent about the toxins that might find its way into the baby's body. The fact is that most people who attended massage while they were nursing found it good as massage tends to provide equal benefits that could be obtained through a workout.  


In general, it is better to choose infrequent massage sessions. It is known that massages that have an effect on tissues that are deep inside the body can result in too much of toxin release. Because of this, the toxin level in the blood will increase. For this, the tip is to consume as much water as possible so that the toxins will dissolve in the water. There are several myths and doubts surround the idea of massage while a woman is nursing. If you are in doubt, inform the massage therapist in prior that you are nursing.


A nursing mother has to reap as many benefits as possible from massaging and other techniques to promote lactation. This is because baby food is not as healthy as it is believed to be. There are no antibodies in baby food that are available commercially. Thus, it will not strengthen the immunity system of the baby. So, to prevent the baby from falling ill often or to help the baby to recover within the shortest possible time from an illness, feeding by the mother is considered quite important.


There are some pains and symptoms that a massage can take care of. Various types of pain tend to crop up in nursing mothers like pain at the back and also pain in the shoulder cum neck region. Such discomforts can also stress the mother a lot. So, she has to treat herself to a good massage session. Thus, emotional well-being is also taken care through a massage. It is important that the nursing mother keeps her immunity system strong. A massage aims at achieving this. Even difficulties in getting a restful sleep can be treated using massage.  

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