Methi Benefits

Fenugreek or Methi, as it is known in India, is a strong scented herb. In every Indian household, during winters, we find vegetables made out of methi leaves which are highly nutritious. Owing to its medicinal effect, its seeds are also used as a flavoring agent in pickles. The usage of methi is not new but over the years, methi has been used in Ayurveda as an effective treatment for curing diabetes, hair fall and joint pains. Since ancient times, methi/fenugreek has been used both as a food as well as medicine by the people of the Mediterranean and Asia.


Medicinal Effects of Methi


The properties of Methi have been the subject of scientific research in modern times and an extract of methi has been successful in treating Diabetes Type II. Methi contains minerals, vitamins and other beneficial ingredients. Out of many, few of the major health benefits of methi are:



Methi Controls Cholesterol: Methi contains flavonoids which help in reducing the bad cholesterol in the body. Chewing two tea spoons of overnight soaked methi seeds helps control cholesterol.

Methi sprouts are a store house of nutrition and can be sprinkled over salads or other sprouts.

ði for Hair Care: Overnight soaked and grounded methi seeds make a very good conditioner and add luster and shine to hair. Methi seeds when grounded with curd and applied to the scalp help control hair fall and promote hair growth.

Methi seeds are an effective cure for dandruff too. A paste of soaked methi seeds, sour curd and lemon juice should be applied at the hair roots to control dandruff and excess oiliness of the scalp.

Methi Aids digestion: A cupful of Methi leaves should be lightly steamed and consumed every alternate day as an effective cure for constipation. Methi seeds when added to food not only adds flavor to the food but also eliminate toxins from the body. Methi seeds contain mucilage which speeds up the digestion process thereby slowing down weight gain. It improves liver function and fights flatulence.

Mixture of methi seeds and amla leaves is an effective cure for dysentery. The mixture can be brewed and consumed in the form of tea.

Methi seeds for women: Methi seeds taken with a glass of milk promote milk production in lactating


Soup made out of methi and spinach leaves is an effective remedy to treat anemia in women especially after miscarriage, abortion, child birth or excessive menstrual bleeding.

Take overnight soaked seeds, brew it for half an hour, mix a spoon of honey into it and consume it. The mixture helps in improving the blood count within a week.

Methi for fever and liver: A decoction of methi seeds in water has a cooling effect and helps cure fevers. The paste made out of methi and lemon is very useful to regulate the normal liver functioning.

Methi for mouth ulcers: A paste of methi seeds should be applied on mouth ulcers for immediate relief.

Methi seeds are boiled in water for half an hour till the volume of liquid reduces to half. The cooled liquid is used as a mouth gargle to soothe inflamed throats.

Methi for body odor: In the Ayurvedic system of medicine, body odor has underlying causes viz sluggish digestive system, constipation, accumulation of toxins in the body etc. Methi tea is prescribed to be taken over a period of a month to flush out the accumulated toxins, to speed digestion and to eliminate body odor.

Methi for body aches: A poultice of methi seed paste can be applied on swellings and insect bites to provide pain relief.

Roast methi seeds till they show up brown and turns crispy over medium heat. Then make a paste out of it and consume it every day as per your taste be it with curd or salad. It is best herbal treatment for aches and pains.


Methi for diabetes:   Methi provides effective remedy against diabetes. It is also available in tablet form. Ideally, 25 to 50 grams of methi is recommended for diabetic patients.


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