Methods of Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement improves appearance. There are three types of breast enlargement procedures that involve surgery. They are silicone gel implants, saline and pectoral implants.

Breast enlargement improves appearance.  It is sought for a variety of reasons.  Breast augmentation procedures are allowed only if you are 18 years or above.  Expectant mothers need to take extra care of breasts as they would be influenced by hormonal changes occurring during pregnancy. There are two main methods of breast enlargement, surgery and natural method.

The most significant reasons for breast enlargement are

  1. Reshaping of breasts that have changed in appearance after breastfeeding

  2. Balancing the size and volume of breasts if one breast is smaller or larger than the other

  3. Increasing breast size for a better appearance

  4. Replacement after a mastectomy (removal of the whole breast following cancer or debilitating accident)

You should not plan for a breast enlargement procedure if

  1. You have breast cancer (malignant or pre-malignant) and the treatment is yet to be completed

  2. You are pregnant

  3. You are breastfeeding



There are three types of breast enlargement procedures that involve surgery.  They are silicone gel implants, saline and pectoral implants. 

Silicone gel implant: A silicone gel implant consists of an elastomer shell filled with viscous gel of silicone.  

Saline implants: Saline implant consists of an elastomer shell filled with saline.  Alternative fillers in the place of saline can be soy oil, polypropelene compound and so on.

Pectoral implant


This is a male breast implant in which the filler used is Silastic, a form of silicone.  This procedure is done for a more aesthetic appearance or for breast reconstruction.

The surgical procedure for breast enlargement has several other options with respect to texture (can be smooth or textured), shape (round or tear drop), types (low, moderate and high) and size.  


Natural methods of breast enlargement


The best way to maintain the appearance of your breast is to take care of the nutrition required for it.  This translates to a balanced nutritious diet, plenty of regular exercise and skin care.


  1. Use fish oil and virgin oil rather than standard cooking medium

  2. Eat a lot of fresh fruits

  3. Include garlic, tomato, onion, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage regularly in meals

  4. Say no to carbonated drinks, chocolate and other caffeine rich beverages

  5. Include the right amount of protein in diet to keep breasts firm and well toned

  6. Fiber diet should consist of brown rice, millets, oats, beans and rye


There are simple exercises that help in breast enlargement.  You will need a pair of 1.4kg dumb bells.  Here are three exercises described step by step

Butterfly press

  1. Sit on chair and hold both hands down with dumb bells

  2. raise both hands until you reach shoulder level

  3. Hold on for a few seconds and then take back hands to original position

  4. repeat this exercise half a dozen times a day

Exercise with 1.4kg dumb bells

  1. Lie on your back and holding dumb bells in your hands

  2. Raise your hands and make the dumb bells come in contact with each other above your chest

  3. Lower your hands to reach the level of your shoulders, still holding the dumb bells

  4. Repeat this routine a dozen times

Exercise with 1.8 or 2.2kg dumb bells

  1. Lie on your back as before but keep the knees bent

  2. Outstretch both arms

  3. Bring one arm over to make contact between the two dumb bells.  Keep them in contact for a couple of seconds

  4. Outstretch arms again

  5. Now the dumbbells in contact again on the other side

  6. Repeat it for a dozen times

Skin care

Breast massage is a simple and convenient procedure for breast enlargement.  The right way to massage is

  1. Move fingers away from the nipple in all directions
  2. Knead breasts gently for about half a minute
  3. Hold breast in the palm of your hand and turn it first in the anti clockwise direction and then in the clockwise direction
  4. Using both hands apply pressure on the sides of the breasts, gently

There are also some herbal supplements available that claim to enlarge breast size.  However, you should consult your health care provider about these. 


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