Natural Eye Makeup

The old adage about the eye being the window to the soul is a cliché but true. One of the golden rules of make up is that the eyes should be subdued if the other features are being accentuated and vice versa. To have bold lips and bold eyes is a major fashion faux pas. If the lip color is bold, the challenge lies in keeping the eye make up subdued yet accentuating the beauty of the eyes. Natural looking eyes are preferred by the very young who are just starting on use of make up. Mature women also prefer to show a well preserved rather than bold look. It is common knowledge that neutral shades of eye make up help in achieving the natural look.

The cosmetics required for natural looking eye make up are:
  • Eye base: Eye base works as a foundation. It works to conceal blemishes and under eye circles. Eye shadow adheres to the eye lids better and lasts longer.
  • Eye liner: Eye liner works best in natural shades like brown and black.
  • Eye shadow: Neutral shades of eye shadow like tans and browns work best in natural eye make up.
  • Mascara: Mascara in brown and black shades look natural
  • Cotton swabs to remove smudged make up are indispensable. 

Procedure for natural looking eye make up:

  1. Clean and moisturize the eye area
  2. Shape eye brows and use an eye brow brush to groom the eye brows
  3. Apply eye base over the eye lids and under the eyes
  4. Use an eye liner to draw a thin line as close to the lower eye lashes as possible
  5. Hold the upper eye lid with one hand and with the other, draw a thin line with eye liner on the inner edge of the upper eye lids
  6. Use 2 or more shades of light eye shadow on the upper eye lids. Blend in using brushes
  7. Remove any spilled color with cotton swabs.

By using a Kohl pencil, it is possible to get a very soft, natural look. If kohl is used, eye liner is not required to be used. To use Kohl effectively, use a wax based pencil. Sharpen the pencil and hold the point under a hair dryer for a minute to get a malleable point.

Eye make up using kohl:

  • Clean and moisturize the eye area
  • Shape eye brows and use an eye brow brush to groom the eye brows
  •  Apply eye base over the eye lids and under the eyes with an eye shadow primer
  • Line the inside of the eye lids with kohl
  • Smudge with cotton swab to get a soft line

Use light shades of eye shadow only on the outer end of the eye lid up to the brow bone

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