Natural Skincare For Dull Skin

A good complexion can give you a good social status. It can fetch you even good jobs, or if you are already in service, can help your career prospects. This is absolutely applicable in the case of women particularly when they are employed. There are many artificial methods to improve the look of skin, but they are much expensive and also, with some products side effects are not avoidable. At the same time, there are many natural skin care techniques to make you look better. It is always safe for you adopt the natural care to get a sustained effect without spending a lot on that.


If you need to have an instant shine, you can apply apricot on the face. Take some amount of water and mash spearmint leaves with it. You can apply this both in the morning and evening on your face. Within a week you can observe improvement. If you need to turn your rough skin into soft skin, you can apply the flour of gram pulse every morning. This can also help in getting a fair complexion. You can keep almonds soaked in water for about 8 hours; peel them off, grind them with some quantity of milk and apply this paste at night. You can wash your face with cold water in the morning and continue this procedure for about a fortnight. You can get fair complexion with this procedure. 


You can apply fresh milk on the skin to make the skin a fair one. You can prepare a paste of gram pulse with raw milk and apply on your face. Allow it to remain on the face for about 20 minutes and then wash your face. However, you should not have washed your face with soap prior to applying this paste. Twice or thrice a week you can do like this to get a fair complexion. 


Besides the above, you should eat diet containing enough fiber content. Eating green leafy vegetables can retain freshness and youthfulness. You should drink sufficient amount of water every day. About 10 glasses of water are needed to keep your secretion systems healthy. This also changes your dull complexion into a fair one and cures certain skin conditions. Walk every day in the morning. Do exercises for five days in a week. If you are more inclined to yoga, it is a better proposition. Doing meditation can relieve you of stress. These steps ultimately will result in an overall good health and provide a fair complexion too.  


Keep yourself away from pollution, sun rays, chemicals and above all, stressful conditions. You can derive a natural glow by following the above procedures. When you are providing a natural care for your skin, you should avoid certain habits which will nullify the good effects caused by this care. These habits include drinking alcohol and smoking. They should be stopped unconditionally so that you will be able to achieve your goal of getting a fair complexion. Alcohol dehydrates the body and smoking can constrict your blood vessels. Dehydrations take away the minerals from your body and constriction of blood vessels reduces blood supply to tissues. Therefore, smoking and drinking can largely your skin health.

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