Natural Supplements That Firm Sagging Skin

Elastin and collagen play a vital role in maintain individuals skin health and appearance. These particular proteins are produced abundantly in young age. With age the production of these products in body decreases. As a result of insufficient production of collagen and elastic proteins, one will experience sagging skin, wrinkles and age spots. But today tightening the sagging or loose skin can be done through food nutrients and skin creams prepared for natural ingredients. These natural supplements are safe and affordable by everyone.

In order to firm the sagging skin, first you need to fight against free radicals which harm skin and other bodily cells. Free radicals can be easily eliminated by eating food items that are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidant is an essential nutrient which assists human body in firming saggy skin. Below is a list of food items which act as antioxidants:
  • Manuka Honey
  • Wakame Kelp
  • Grapes
  • Passion Fruit
  • Avocados
  • Olives
Some of the antioxidants are not present in food but they are found in plants like blue passion flower. This flower has an antioxidant agent known as Chrysin which supports and strengthens blood vessel. Chrysin and above mentioned eatables are very much necessary to tighten an individual’s skin.
According to medical studies it proven that fish oil also assists in tightening skin. Basically the fish oil contains Omega 3 fatty acid and by taking this oil regularly one can feel the tightening results gradually. Hoki fish oil can be as natural supplement for skin tightening process. But it is advised for individuals to purified and distilled fish oil to get good results.
Alongside natural supplements you should also look for anti aging lotions or creams prepared from natural products. Here it’s very important to know that all anti-age creams are not effective, but some of them are really effective when compared to cheap moisturizers. However the ingredients play a vital role in selection of anti aging creams.
Rigin is a complex compound, which is found in some of the in depth hydrating masks. When these masks are used regularly it will improve skin’s elasticity and firmness on neck. This particular compound is extracted using amino acids referred to as peptides.  
Functional Keratin is a complex protein which is usually extracted from a sheep’s wool. Then it is processed gently and carefully, so that the protein remains intact. The functional keratin is found in day or night creams and hydrating masks. Other than using anti aging lotions or creams to tighten skin, it’s advised to use natural supplements like coenzyme Q10, lycopne and astaxaxnthin are also beneficial.
Co-enzyme Q10 is another vital ingredient extremely used in anti aging lotion and creams. This particular co-enzyme is known to reverse the wrinkling and sun damage. However the main problems lie in companies, as they don’t include right kind of compound that assists in combating against sagging skin and wrinkles. But it is advised for every one to consult their doctors before choosing any kind of natural supplements.

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i wouldent say foods. but oh my god, WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it helps so much.i drink 5 bottels a day- thats 10 cups. 2 cups over the recccomend amount i makes my skin glow so much. your acne littearlly disappears. dont drink soda either, that dehydrates you.drink water- i PROMISE it will work.if you are at school, just get a bottle and take it to class with you in the morning. fill it up and drink it at lunch. then fill it back up and drink it after lunch.. thats 6 cups. if you want, get flavored water if you get sick from water easily. good luck!
by Ansgar     06-Aug-2012

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