Oily Skin And Men


Many of us read everyday about common skin problems and remedies. But very few sources actually give information about skincare for men. In this century, men have become as, if not more, concerned about their skin as their female counterparts. Skin care has always been seen as something which women occupy themselves with in their spare time. The truth is, with modernisation , pollution in our cities has increased. Dust particles, the modern lifestyle full of stress,junk food all have become enemies of our beautiful skin. Yes, we are talking about men here. Read on guys.


There are a lot of men out there who suffer from oily skin but have no idea what to do with it. Men generally have more oily skin than women. They experience clogged and dirty skin pores, acne and shiny skin. Oily skin usually affects their face, chest and back. They also tend to have more ingrown hair, so when their skin pores clog, it results in acne in men. The skincare companies seem to realise this now and have particular target products for men with oily skin. These products help keep the skin clear and clean and prevents excess ingrown hair. While some people recommend using astringent for oily skin, this only works well for women. It does more harm than help in a man’s case. I know that most of the men are too lazy to use anything else but soap for their face which is a big mistake. Another important tip: Don not use aftershave lotions that contain alcohol.The most general and common precaution to take is to improve your diet and cut down on all that junk food. Avoid eating oily, fried snacks or food with excess amount of fat. Take a man’s diet – fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables full of Vitamin B2 and Vitamin A. Drink lots of water to keep those unwanted toxins in your skin away.


Apart from all these important things, keep a few general skin mantras in mind. Your biggest health enemy is – STRESS. Avoid all that work stress when you are relaxing. Your skin cells need their time to fix themselves! Try yoga and meditation if nothing else works. Exercise regularly as this increases your blood circulation and flushes out the harmful toxins from your skin. Exercise will not only help you have healthy skin but also that healthy, fit body you’ve been wanting for ages. Don`t worry, eat healthy, take good care of your skin and your wife, girlfriend just might be dying to know the secret of your healthy, glowing skin!

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