Oily Skin And Teenage

Teenage years are undoubtedly some of the best years of our life. It’s the time of our life when we want to look our best. But it is also the time when several changes go through our body – both outward and internal.The increase in the sex hormones in the body changes the balance of oil secretions and increases it in a teenager’s body. This oil combined with dust, pollution makes the pores of your skin clog and does not allow them to breathe freely. Dead skin does not shed naturally and clogs the pores. The result is oily skin. This in turn can lead to acne in teenagers which creates more problems. Acne at any level should be taken seriously with teenagers. Oily skin results from various other causes such as bad diet, hereditary causes etc. Although you cannot change your genes, what you can do is take good care of your skin health.

To open the clogged pores, you can exfoliate your skin with a mixture of coarsely ground walnut and yogurt. Most teens have sensitive skin for at least a while and harsh chemicals can actually aggravate conditions like acne.  You might also want to try out ayurvedic and homeopathic cures from a professional. Diet is also a very important factor. Try to cut down on all junk food, specially fried and oily ones. Alcoholic beverages, smoking all are common habits that teenagers face today without realising that these slowly kill off their healthy skin apart from numerous other harmful effects. Make sure your diet is rich in vitamin A and vitamin B2. For healthy, growing teenagers fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables are a must for healthy skin. Drinking lots and lots of water is a must as it hydrates your skin and flushes out the unwanted toxins. This is also a time where you face stress probably for the first time in your life with school getting all tough and relationships (all those teenage problems). One golden rule – Strike out stress from your life and you’ve solved half of your health problems. Look for organic, natural ingredients that will not harm your skin.
Some other precautions for all teenagers out there are as follows. Stop touching your face every now and then. Your hands might contain several of bacterium and some of them may cause acne. Keep the telephone receiver off your face when you talk for long hours with your friends. For girls – avoid oil based make up and cosmetics. For guys – if you have started to shave recently remember to use a sharp razor. An old razor may cause irritation in your skin. Remember, don’t be impatient try these tips for at least a month and try a new plan and don’t give up!


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