Oily Skin Care Products

To be beautiful is every woman’s wish; there isn’t any woman who wouldn’t like to look lovely and confident in her skin. Physically, the skin is the largest organ of the body and needless to say skin takes up abundant effort to maintain on a daily basis. A general scene at any shopping mall would go hand in hand with a number of ladies investing in their skin care treatment. Beauty is a common thread amongst a kaleidoscope of cultures. It is usually considered a western phenomenon but even in the east, beauty products have a wide market to bank upon.


Initially herbs were the mainstay of beauty regime which is now substituted by skin care products from various leading brands. Modern day beauty regimes have enabled women to take agency and enhance their look which in turn make them acknowledged in a social circle and provide self confidence. Oily skin type looks greasy and is accompanied by open pores. Its oily surface owes its presence to the highly active sebaceous glands which vary from individual to individual. The oily pores have to be cleansed of all the dirt it accumulates and toned to block the pores after cleaning. Though totally blocking the pores is not possible and not recommended as well but cleansing and toning go hand in hand to provide you with a healthy and glowing skin.



Oily skin has an excessive shine to it and is also accompanied by pimple break outs or at times acne and pigmentation. Oily skin care products have to become a part of your daily skin care regime to prevent any consequences of oily skin. Oily skin care products should be put into use from the morning to the night. During the morning wash your face with a gel based face wash. Then apply a low density moisturiser and an SPF of a particular count depending on the individual’s exposure towards sun light. Make up has to be put in accordance with oily skin care products one uses, so that it does not make the skin patchy. In the afternoon when your skin has been exposed to sunlight, on alternate days you can apply a face pack or a protein mask depending on what suits you.


 It is important to understand by using certain oily skin care products one can not change the skin type to dry or combination, one can only maintain and give the best results applicable to your skin type. Oily skin care products should not be used exhaustively to make your skin dry, the aim is to maintain not to change your skin type. During the night tie it is advisable to tone your skin and use oily skin care products which soften and moisten not make your skin oily. An oily skin type doesn’t need moisture, it needs to be toned. A proper daily skin care regime combined with the right oily skin care products can work wonders for your skin you just have to grab the right product.

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