Online Pregnancy Test

Online Pregnancy test is the newest service offered by web sites and web portals and since the launch of this service by several providers, people have been flocking to the sites to use this free online service and in most cases they are confidential ensuring privacy, hassle free and less time consuming.  Most online pregnancy tests use different technologies and the advance technology used is known as Zeta Waves, it is a kind of non-damaging and invasive radiation.    Web sites offers forms to fill in the details of your current situation and the site analyses your input and then based on the scientific facts and theories and logics programmed the site will give you an assessment of the potentiality of you being pregnant.

If you think you are pregnant? And want to take a private test, the online pregnancy test feature and functionality is a cost effective and private way of knowing whether you are pregnant.
Most online pregnancy tests are designed to utilize the natural menstrual period cycle and especially the date of intercourse to provide as input to a mathematical logic calculation- indicates the potentiality of you being pregnant. 
Most websites also collect the following information for calculating the potential of you being pregnant.
1)      Your age or Date of Birth
2)      On an average, your exact menstrual cycle possibilities in the sense- how many days or which week is it from the starting day of the menstrual cycle to the first day of your next period? 28 days is the average for most women.
3)      Enter the start day of your last menstrual cycle:
4)      Date you think might be when you got pregnant?
5)      Date of last successful intercourse around that date period?
 The there are also options to select on symptoms for pregnant women during the initial stage.
  • Vomiting or Nausea
  • Need for Extra Sleep or a Fatigue
  • Feeling Empty or Bloated
  • Changes in Appetite or Weight Gain
  • Frequent tendency to Urinate
  • Tender or Sore Breasts
  • Odd feelings and sensations in the belly
  • Pregnancy Test Positive or Negative
  • Unbearable or Sharp Pain in the Side or Abdomen
  • Under Unusual Stress Lately
  • Sweating More than Usual
  • Taste changes
  • Some sites also ask for birth control methods used when you were having sex?:
  • None- but want to get pregnant
  • None - but do not want to get pregnant
  • Withdrawal - pull-out method
  • Calendar or Rhythm Method
  • Basal Body Temperature Method
  • Male or Female Condoms
  • Spermicides
  • Pills for Birth Control
  • Cervical or Diaphragm Cap
  • Sponges / IUD
  • Depo / Provera
  • Norplant
  • Tubal Ligation
  • Vasectomy
Online pregnancy test has many advantages as it is cheap, easy, fast and easily accessible. Most online pregnancy test service providers provide their service for free and it is a big advantage for people who want to know and test whether they are pregnant in a private fashion. Confidentiality, easy access and free service are the basic advantage with online pregnancy test providers. Based on recent surveys on people who have used the service of online pregnancy tests, it has been found out that they have given a satisfactory outcome on the online pregnancy test results. Most results have been proved correct and most sites now used comprehensive questionnaires to find out the actual mood and the feelings of the user and based on that it will be predicting / estimating the chances of the user being pregnant.
Online pregnancy test have a disadvantage of being not in touch with the person but it depends on what the user inputs and the result is also based on what the user inputs and if the user is able to input almost everything or at least 80 % of the questionnaires correctly the chance of getting an accurate prediction from the online pregnancy test is very high and the chance of the output to be correct is also very high.
Online pregnancy test have been a boon to teens and others who are not able to easily access a confidential and private way to test whether they are pregnant and the cost effectiveness is also another major advantage of online pregnancy tests and the technology is being upgraded day by day and in 5 years or so online pregnancy test will be the most used service in the medical domain.

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