Penis Surgery

There are many men who are unsatisfied with their penis. They want to increase or decrease the length of their penis by penis surgery. It is estimated that around 200000 of adult men has done penis surgery. Men want Penis surgery for two reasons-

  1. To Increase the length of their penis
  2. Widening of the penis

The price of the surgery depends upon the type of surgery you want. Expenses for increasing the length of the penis is around $8000 to $9000. Widening of the penis is more expensive due to the stuffing material used in the surgery.

Every surgery carries some amount of risk. Like some people are allergic from the anesthesia used during the surgeries. In penis surgery there are following dangers and risk-

  1. Inflammation, staining, discomfort and distress.
  2. Infections and allergies.
  3. Unconsciousness
  4. Erections may become horizontal inspite of vertical.
  5. Post-surgical discomfort like-delay in healing of the wound, scars or marks.
  6. Excessive bleeding.
  7. Sometimes there can be blood clots (hematoma) which may lead you to another surgery.

Many doctors are afraid to do the penis surgery without seeing the patient’s psychological report. They always ensure that their patients are checked by their psychiatrist. And also advise their patients to abandon smoking habit atleast before two month of the surgery.  

Before surgery there are few things, which the patient should take care of like-


1.    Do not have aspirin.

2.    Quit alcohol, at least two months before the surgery.

3.    Follow the instructions of your surgeon very carefully.

4.    Take care of your health. Follow the right diet and habit.

The result of penis surgery is not always satisfactory. Some may have disappointment. Penis surgery is not a miracle; it is just a surgical operation which has its merits and demerits.

Well if you are adamant for a penile surgery, then there are certain things which you should always take care of-

  1. You should have skilled and professional surgeon for your surgery, which should be well aware of your medical conditions.
  2. Make sure that your doctor knows your past medical history or any type of medicaments you are taking at present.
  3. Quit smoking and alcohol.
  4. You should know the procedure of your surgery and its limitations.

Some drawback of the penis surgery-


  1.  After penis surgery some patients may suffer from the semi-erect state of the penis. This can be very embarrassing.
  2. Penis surgery is permanent, if something went wrong during the surgery, it will not going to change, because there can be no other surgery to fix it. This is a major drawback. 

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