Pippa Middleton to Die for Figure

Catherine (Kate) Middleton looked entrancingly beautiful and superbly slim as she walked down the aisle to wed her Prince William.  Her sister Philippa (or Pippa) stole the thunder with her elegant white gown and her ‘to die for’ figure.  The lovely bridesmaid took the media by storm persuading them to nickname her as “Her Royal Hotness”.  

Right away, when the unprecedented two billion TV viewers spotted her, she became a Twitter sensation… the site seemed on the verge of a crash with updates pouring in about Pippa’s stunning looks and elegance.  A Facebook appreciation site got immediately created where more than 150,000 fans endorsed the fact that Pippa suddenly seemed to have become the most eligible woman of UK!  (The Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society, inspired by the 27-year old beauty’s exquisite figure, reportedly has 100,000 fans!)

While ABC news reports that Kate Middleton followed the Dukan Diet created by Dr. Pierre Dukan of France, it is regarded that Pippa owes her svelte figure mainly to her genes!  Her mother has an enviable figure too.  Besides, Pippa also plays a lot of tennis and does a lot of swimming.  Weight watchers usually recommend the butterfly stroke rather than the breast stroke if your aim is to shed the pounds.

According to Goldie Karpel, a Celebrity Yoga Instructor, (as reported in Hollywoodlife.com) there are three yoga stances, which need to be practiced regularly, that can help you develop a gorgeous “to die for” figure like Pippa.  They are the Utkatasana (the chair pose), Parivratta Utkatasana (the twisting chair pose) and Setubandha Asana (the bridge pose).  It is important that you learn these exercises from a qualified instructor before attempting them.  

Cardio exercises can also help you reduce effectively. According to the Co-founder and Performance Specialist for E3sports, Andrew Fitzgerald, Step aerobics and cardio exercises can help you attain a figure like Pippa.  Here are some tips as recommended by him
  • Jump squats
  • Running on an inclined plane
  • Box jumps

Here are some more tips to help develop a great looking figure.

  • What elevator? – Avoid the lift and choose the steps whenever you can.  Schedule your timings in a way that you set aside some extra minutes for climbing up the stairs; taking two steps at a time is a still better idea!
  • The focus should be on providing adequate exercise to the gluteus maximus (the largest of the three muscles that gives shape to the buttocks), knees, thighs and calves
  • Ensure your diet is right; nutritious and less fattening
  • Do some lunging and squatting exercises; they help shape the butt
Avoid diet and exercise routines that stress you out too much; they only do more harm than good, much less improve your figure!

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