Precautions to be Taken after Miscarriage Abortion

In spite of the fact that pregnancy is a very beautiful and happiest moment that a woman ever goes through in her life, still physical and mental trauma occurs when pregnancy ends in a miscarriage thereby transforming the entire experience into an awful memory. The deprivation of a child is a demoralizing thing that a woman can undergo in her life. At times, this incident can turn out to be very scarring that a woman may panic the possibility to get pregnant again. This disturbing trauma can be shocking in a woman’s life.



Emotional Trauma After Miscarriage Orabortion


Immediately after a miscarriage/abortion a woman is sure to undergo a great deal of physical and emotional disturbance, in addition to certain hormonal shifts. Few of them include:


  1. Crying for very small reasons

  2. Inclining towards depression

  3. A general sense of confusion, doubt and perplexity

  4. Sleeping disorder followed by disturbing dreams

  5. Eating disorder

  6. Fatigue


Bear in mind that not all women will experience the same indications. Responses to a spontaneous abortion differ extensively.  


To control and come out of these symptoms successfully, the woman who had a miscarriage has to be handled softly and cared for with great concern.  The woman also has to give great precedence to her health and care for herself in a mode to become usual and recover yet again. 


Low levels of progesterone might be an etiological factor behind all the disturbances. The level of progesterone needs to be ascertained by a doctor on time so as to get the correct medicine and treatment, in case of deficiency.   


Precautions After Miscarriage


There are quite a lot of safety measures to be assumed following a miscarriage. The doctor has to be communicated in case of heavy bleeding that does not end even after a week, stinking discharge, irregular temperature and ruthless abdominal ache. 



Try to Take the Following Precautions


  1. Following a miscarriage, the body requires enough time to return to normal. The duration to cure reckons on how untimely the miscarriage had taken place. For instance, if the miscarriage took place in the first trimester then healing period will be less than that taken by a woman who had undergone a miscarriage in the second trimester.

  2. Sufficient care has to be taken to make certain that conception does not take place till at least one menstrual cycle is complete.

  3. Despite the fact that the menstrual cycle may start four weeks following the miscarriage, ovulation sets out two weeks before this. This is the reason that precautions with regard to becoming pregnant immediately after miscarriage have to be adopted.

  4. A woman can start to consume contraceptive pills soon after miscarriage and continue taking it for at least two weeks for successful birth control. 

  5. Following a miscarriage, it is sensible for you to visit a doctor to be acquainted with as to how you can return to normal and when to plan for the child again.

  6. In case you have an abnormal temperature then it means that you have got an infection which at times might lead to unproductiveness. Any irregular temperature has to be reported to the doctor for additional medical care.

  7. Bleeding is a general after effect of miscarriage. Hemorrhaging is generally heavy and will stop in a week. If it does not stop, then it becomes all the more significant for you to consult your doctor immediately.

  8. Avoiding having sex during the period when you bleed badly so as to keep contagion at bay.

  9. Unrelenting twinge in the abdominal region or any kind of stinking smell of discharge requires the instantaneous awareness of the doctor.


Abortion and Recovery Time


In case the miscarriage is following a few months of pregnancy then it is better that you seek the advice of a physician and carefully carry out his precautionary measures to assure that you recover fully. Remember that miscarriages can be of different types and hence the healing time can also be different for different people. Apart from this, every woman is different with regard to the time and the pace of recovery. Remember not to conceive again till such time that your doctor tells you not to. See to it that all your pains subside after the miscarriage but in case you feel any kind of pain do not hesitate to visit your doctor immediately.



The curative time of the body can vary from few days to quite a lot of months. It also reckons on the emotional affection of the woman with the fetus. There are some security safeguards that have to to be taken after abortion so that your body retrieves quickly from the failure that you have just experienced.


A lot of women go through melancholy after their abortion. Experiencing this time is not easy for both the parents; and your second pregnancy should be only after you are mentally and physically prepared for the new baby.


Precautions after Abortion


Following are some precautions which women should take following an abortion.


Keep Away from Pressure



Following an abortion you will have to shun from pressurizing the midriff region as well as the lower abdomen. This is for the reason that the abortion has taken place in the region of the lower belly and force on midriff may result in pain. Also try to avoid bending and lifting weight as it might hurt you.  


Keep Away from Dairy Products


Try to avoid eating or drinking dairy foodstuffs for at least 2 hours following abortion. During the course of abortion, Doxycycline may be given to you. Drinking and eating dairy food stuffs will thin the result of Doxycycline. Thus, you may not achieve the preferred effect and it may ensue in further complications.



Stay Away from Sex



Try to refrain from sex. Try not to have sex till the wound is cured. Since having sex at this time may augment the odds of becoming pregnant again. Apart from this there might be some pain in the lower abdomen region due to sex.



Stay Away from Exercising


In order to relieve yourself from the fallouts and pain of abortion, you have to avoid exercising. Even lifting weights and stretching of muscles will turn out to be injurious for your body.




Stay Away from Dieting



See to it that you do not go hungry for a very long period of time.  Consume you food on time and this will also assist you to get back your menstrual cycle to normal. It will as well cure the wound quicker. But at the same time, try to avoid diets which are not approved by your doctor.


Use Protective Measures


To restrain from becoming pregnant again very soon you will have to take the best protective measures. This way you can refrain from another abortion.

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I made biggest mistake of my lyf,i had a miscarriage nd had an intercorse with my husband de day after de d&c nw im scared sumthng myt go wrng
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