Pregnancy Week 10


Having a baby is the most wonderful feeling on mother earth. The worth of it is best understood by a pregnant mother herself. The initial stages of pregnancy are very exciting as the mother would everyday look herself in the mirror so as to discover that whether her belly has increased or not and this anxiousness will turn out to be real one day with a sweet little baby upon her hand. The initial stages of pregnancy period are very important as the intake of protein and other protein supplements starts up from this very stage. The 10th week of pregnancy is the starting of the pregnancy period. The baby though not visible yet has started to develop inside the mother’s womb. The feeling though not visible is great and it very much cherished by both the mother and the father. In the initial stages of pregnancy the mother must be taken to the doctor weekly and all the problems should be sorted out.


The Symptoms in the Mother in the Growing Phases


The significance and the problems in the 10th week of pregnancy are widespread and they need to be properly handled under strict supervision of others. In the 10th week of pregnancy is the half way stage of the initial stages of pregnancy hence it embarks strong lay out on the protein intake of the pregnant mother. Some physical problems are often seen inside the pregnant mother during the pregnancy period and proper steps should be taken during this time so as to overcome the problems of having a bulky body at the end of the pregnancy period. The major bonus lies in the happiness of the pregnant mother as she slowly feels the baby or rather the life growing inside her. The head of the baby starts getting its shape with the development of ears and the forehead. The legs grow as well and they start hitting the womb of its habitat.


Recommended Vitamins and Proteins for the Mother




The other important thing in the pregnancy issue is that the mother should be engraved with rich protein diets so as to lead a healthy offspring. Protein diets are both essential for the mother and the child. Lactose pills are also taken by the pregnant mother at this point of consideration as because it provides milk supply to the mother’s breasts. Though the full proved foundation of a baby is to be lied after almost about 30 weeks still the excitement inside the mother is no less as it was from the day she got to know that she was pregnant. Start buying stuffs for your baby as he or she would reach this beautiful planet very soon.


Maternal Clothing During 10th Week of Pregnancy


Avoid Dark Color Clothes During Pregnancy


The breathing is always easy with loose clothes. There are clothes sold in the retail shops which are specially meant for pregnant women. The mother has to wear comfortable clothes which will help her to do her daily chores easily. The chest and the stomach should be free to expand and the clothes should not affect the mother in any way. It is better to wear cotton clothes than synthetic clothes so that it will not affect the skin pores in any way.


Medicines to be Used and Avoided



Only the medicines which are prescribed by the doctor and the supplements in correct does should be consumed. The fetus is very small to tolerate any chemical changes. So the mother has to be very careful when she is consuming any medicines. Mothers should not use hair dyes as the synthetic colors will directly affect the fetus and may cause birth defects. The medicines taken also should be according to the advice of the doctor. If the pregnant takes any chemical for some problem, it may cause a problem to the fetus. The medicines for cold should not be taken without the advice of the doctor.


Recommended Tests for Development of the Baby


The mother should be made to walk at least a mile everyday so as to have a fit and a healthy delivery of the baby. The family should sort out the complexities of the child birth with the doctor and must hide it from the mother if there is any. Proper exercises embarked for the pregnant mother should be carried out under the supervision of a family member. One family member should always be there with the mother and should understand the feelings of the pregnant mother and who can do it better other than her husband.


Excitement of the Mother in the Growing Phase


The 10th week of pregnancy is just the beginning, more is to come. The size and the shape of the embryo is still to be gained it is just the growing phase which has just started to develop all its internal organs and other valuable things. The embryo though strange but yet it is a life. Cases have been heard that abortion has been sometimes carried out during the 10th week of pregnancy.


Myths and Facts of 10th Week of Pregnancy


The pregnant mother undergoes a lot of pain for a span of about 40 weeks and hence one must understand her physical and mental problems and must deal with it very sensibly. The specifications lid for the family of the pregnant mother is very important. The pregnant mother should never be excited as tension or pressure regarding anything has an adverse effect on the growth of the child. The initial stage embarks the development of the baby in a hidden manner so as to develop a state of understandability by both the mother and the father. The baby is actually an object of proof of the relationship, though it is residing inside the mother’s womb but nevertheless the father’s excitation is no less.


Growth of the Baby



The brain has taken up shape and has just started to develop so as to occupy a major portion of the uterus. The uterus in this stage does not grow that much, yet it has increased in elasticity so as to hold the baby in the future or rather in the growing stages of pregnancy. The height of the baby embryo is just about three centimeters, can u imagine how much 3 centimeters actually is. Though small in size and shape still has started the activities of kicking and swallowing. The 10th week of pregnancy has laid the development of the important internal organs of the body which includes the lungs, the most important brain, the liver and the kidneys.


Do’s and Don’ts of the 10th Week of Pregnancy


1. The most significant thing about the baby in the 10th week of pregnancy is that the baby occupies most of the uterus and the umbilical cord also grows in length.


2. The pregnancy in the 10th week also leads to the formation of the waist of the baby and it undertakes the whole of the segment in a very protective way inside the mother’s womb.


3. As discussed earlier the 10th week of pregnancy is the half way stage of one’s entire pregnancy period and there is certain bonus off this very period.


4. The other specifications of the 10th week of pregnancy are that the uterus of the pregnant mother grows in size and becomes more elastic so as to lead the foundation of the baby in a more developed way.


Role of Dad to Be



Husbands have a special role to play during this period of pregnancy, and they must abide by the specifications which laid for the baby and the mother. The floors and the architecture can be made to rebuild so as to avoid any accident during pregnancy. Family support is a very important thing and it should be carried out with prior responsibility. During the time of pregnancy, the family support is very much important as the family is also instrumental in the proper development of a healthy baby. The specifications not only include proper care of the mother but also assure her a reliability of her needs. Support from the husband or rather from the child’s father is very much important because at this point of time the father is the only one whose is emotionally attached to the whole scenario. 

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