Pregnancy Week 11



The beautiful period of mother hood will be enjoyed only if the mother and the baby are healthy. The couple who are responsible for the pregnancy will be very happy for the whole period. If there are people to guide the couple during pregnancy then it will be a very beautiful way. The mother to be will feel as though she is having a tender bird in her hand. The flutters in the stomach are a life time experience. These experiences of the mother cannot be shared by the partner also. It is very nice to spend the time thinking about the child whose gender is also unknown.


Mother: Changes & Symptoms


Bodily Changes She Experiences During 11th Week of Pregnancy


The periods will stop and there is tenderness in breasts. This is the first symptoms of pregnancy. If the woman having these symptoms meets a doctor a urine test will be taken. This urine test reveals the presence of Chorionic gonadotropin then the woman is pregnant. From here she has to be careful about her health and the baby’s health in the stomach. There is a change in the weight of the body and there are more mood swings for woman because of the hormonal changes. Some women may have morning sickness also. As the women reach the eleventh week of pregnancy the health will normally change like before.


Symptoms During 11th Week of Pregnancy


In the eleventh week the mother starts hearing the heart beat of the fetus. Pregnancy will be enjoyed with the symptoms of the child growing in the stomach. This proves that there is life inside the stomach. The doctors also can hear the sound of the heart beats in the stomach with a special instrument. The eyes will open sometimes for the fetus. The limbs start forming in the fetus. The mother starts feeling the life inside her and she can there after know whether the baby is fine inside by its heart beats.



In the eleventh month the doctor will take the ultra sound to see the breathing of the fetus and the lung fluid’s volume is regulated. If the women had the problem of morning sickness then the eleventh month they will not have that problem. The weight of the fetus will be only seven grams. The volume of the head is comparatively more when compared to the body. The body is almost formed by the eleventh week. The bones are fully developed and some of them will be hard also. There is the movement of the fingers and the fetus closes its fists. The tooth buds are slowly developed in this week.


Diet During 11th Week of Pregnancy



The baby starts stretching and relaxing in the fluid. As it is as small as a fig there is a lot of space in the mother’s womb to move about. The food needed by the fetus is supplied by the umbilical cord from the mother. Though the nausea is stopped there may be a feeling of heart burns and constipation in the mother. If the mother to be has not taken complete food due to nausea then it is better to take it from now as all the types of food is required for the fetus. This gives the necessary vitamins for the fetus and it starts growing from the eleventh week. Many natural foods contain a lot of vitamins. The foods should be consumed for a healthy growth of the child. The Baby is very small and it needs a small quantity of nutrition which can be surely got through the food what the mother consumes.


Exercises During 11th Week of Pregnancy


It is not necessary for the mother to take rest always. She can take a small nap when ever she feels tired and should get back to work after that. She can do some simple exercises suggested by the doctor can be practiced for keeping the body fit. The body also will feel active after exercise. The exercises should no be vigorous and should not trouble the fetus in any way. Walking also is a very good exercise.



Maternity Wear During 11th Week of Pregnancy


The mother has to wear comfortable clothes which will help her to do her daily chores easily. The chest and the stomach should be free to expand and the clothes should no affect the mother in any way. It is better to wear cotton clothes than synthetic clothes so that it will not affect the skin pores in any way. The breathing also will be easy with loose clothes. There are clothes sold in the retail shops which are specially meant for pregnant women.


Skin Changes During 11th Week of Pregnancy



Some mothers observe that after eleventh month their nails and hair grow well. Some mothers have the problem of bleeding gums in this week. So it is better to brush the teeth more than once and going to a dentist also may help the mother. The excretory organs are formed fully in the eleventh week. Due to the changes in hormones there may be a problem in urination. There may be urine infections also. All such problems should be treated immediately as it may become more as the weeks passes. There may be some blemishes in the skin especially in the face. The skin will become tender and sensitive.



Recommended Vitamins and Supplements During 11th Week of Pregnancy



Mother has to look after her health very well by consuming nutritional foods. Calcium, Iron and folic acid are the three things to be consumed for a healthy child growth. The doctor will suggest some vitamin supplements as he will test for if there is any deficiency. These medicines with the necessary calcium, Iron and folic acid will be the vitamins and supplements necessary for the eleventh month. .



Recommended Tests During 11th Week of Pregnancy


The heartbeats of the child will be tested by the Doppler test. The mother’s abdomen will be monitored for getting the rhythm of the heart beats. The mother also can feel the beats when she is sitting silently. The remaining tests like the glucose level test in the blood and the ECG are carried out regularly through out the pregnancy to avoid any problems. The scanning also reveals the sex of the child in this week. In some countries the sex is not allowed to be revealed.


Medicines That are Safe and Those to Be Avoided


Mothers should not use hair dyes as the synthetic colors will directly affect the fetus and may cause birth defects. The medicines taken also should be according to the advice of the doctor. If the pregnant takes any chemical for some problem, it may cause a problem to the fetus. The medicines for cold should not be taken without the advice of the doctor. Only the medicines which are prescribed by the doctor and the supplements in correct does should be consumed. The fetus is very small to tolerate any chemical changes. So the mother has to be very careful when she is consuming any medicines.


Myths and Facts of Eleventh Week of Pregnancy


Many people think that all the pregnant will have the feeling of nausea but it is not true some will enjoy a healthy pregnancy without any nausea. Some people will have the feeling of nausea even after crossing the eleventh week. Some will enjoy sleeping all the time during pregnancy and some will not at all get sleep may be due to the fright of delivery. Trying to eat at regular intervals will stop nausea. Do not leave the stomach empty until you feel hungry. There are pregnant ladies who crave for sour eatables but some people cannot eat it. It is better to eat junk food in a limited way as it will not do any good to the baby growing.



The mother has to concentrate towards the sounds of the fetus and recognize if there are any problems. This is very important as mother can check everyday for the changes in her and the fetus. After the eleventh week the mother will start feeling energetic as she can consume more and the nausea has completely vanished. The pregnant mother will start feeling healthy and she can observe the growth of the child in her Uterus. The mother will start feeling that the lower abdomen in her body will start growing big. The weight of the mother also increases rapidly after the eleventh week.


Fetus During 11th Week of Pregnancy


Sex Determination: The sex of the child will also be determined in this month. The blood circulation will start from the Uterus to the fetus. Though the fetus movements has started the mother cannot feel it as it is very small. The weight of the baby is only seven grams. There is a long way to go and fetus has to grow now. The medicines and the supplements will be indirectly consumed by the fetus through the mother. So mother has to take foods with more nutrition. The bones are completely developed into the shape of a baby but it is very small in size. The tooth buds also appear in this month.


Any Other Preparation


The mother should investigate the best and comfortable hospital to give birth for the child. But there is a long time to go it is just the eleventh month. The baby will have to develop fully. Small purchases necessary for delivery can be made. The kit for taking to the hospital can be purchased to put things which will be necessary for the baby and the mother after deliver. All the small and big things can be put into the kit so that in the last when you are in labor nothing will be missed out. After all you are the best mother fully prepared.


Do`s And Don’ts During 11th Week of Pregnancy


The clothing of a pregnant is also very important. Try to wear loose clothing which is comfortable for the season. The body should feel comfortable as the fetus in the body should not feel uneasy at all as it is very small. Even a small disturbance will affect the fetus. Some exercises and walking is always necessary for pregnant to stay healthy. The body organs should move comfortably when it is exercised or there will be a difficulty in shaking the body.


The people around the pregnant should try to keep her in a happy mood. If there are children earlier then some one should be able to look after the children as it may be a burden to the pregnant woman. She has to use safe transports for traveling from place to place. If the pregnant woman has to go to work then she has to use some transport which will not give much vibration. If the pregnancy is healthy then the woman will really enjoy it. The people around a pregnant woman should always try to keep her happy as she will have a lot of mental worries and physical problems. Eating regularly and in time will help the healthy growth of the fetus.


Dad to Be


The partners also should help the mother to be in many of the daily activities. As she is pregnant women may feel tired by small house hold jobs also which they were doing before without any problem. The feeling of having a baby in the stomach will make a pregnant tired. She has to take care of her breaths also as taking deep breaths or exhaling deeply is dangerous. There are some foods which cannot be consumed by the pregnant. Those foods should be avoided and regular doctor check up has to be followed. The medication given by the doctor has to be followed strictly. Daily self check up is the best procedure for keeping a track of the healthy fetus. The dad to be should monitor the health of the mother to be and also whether she is consuming the correct foods necessary for the healthy growth of he fetus. 



The partner also should not have some bad habits like smoking when the pregnant woman is around. The dad to be should have always some eatables as the pregnant may feel hungry at any time. Drinking a lot of fluids if it is summer is very much necessary. The mood swings should not lead to blood pressure in the body. So the future dad should keep the mother happy for having healthy child. 

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