Pregnancy Week 12


Pregnancy is one of the most phenomenal phases in the life of a woman. For any woman, pregnancy is their most blissful phase of her life. Pregnancy, a period which lasts for nearly nine months, is the time period when a woman prepares herself to give birth to her child. Hence, however painful it might be for a woman, it is her most awaited moment. Her child lives by whatever she consumes and uses her body fluids for its existence. The birth of her child is the most prodigious moment for a woman. It is hard to express in words the beauty of pregnancy and the subsequent birth of the child.


A Mother’s Superlative Sacrifice


No form of sacrifice can ever be compared to the sacrifice of a mother for her child. Her love for her child is unparalleled.


Bodily Changes and Symptoms During 12th Week of Pregnancy


A woman experiences many changes during the course of pregnancy. It is from the 11th and 12th weeks that evident changes in the body take place. The uterus would have grown in size because of the equating growth of the baby in the womb. The waist size also increases correspondingly. Women might also experience heat burns during this stage of pregnancy. During this period, the placenta produces a lot of progesterone, a hormone that eases the valve which connects the esophagus and the stomach, thereby giving rise to further implications. Also, a rise in the estrogen levels coupled with rising progesterone levels in the body are responsible for tenderness of the breasts. There could also be citing of blue veins near the breast owing to the exchange of blood between the fetus and the mother.  These are the common symptoms and bodily changes that a woman experiences on entering the 12th week of her pregnancy. All these complications are common and there is no reason for worry.


The Diet Advised During 12th Week of Pregnancy



This forms the most important feature of pregnancy. You must understand that your health directly impacts that of the fetus in your womb. Hence, it becomes fundamental for you to consume nutritious food and mineral supplements. A balanced diet which consists of a range of vitamins that include Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K is thoroughly vital. Fruits and vegetables must form an integral part of the diet. Consuming fruit juices and vegetable juices is highly advisable. Consumption of foods rich in protein is also recommended by physicians. The fetus completely depends on the mother for food and subsequent survival and hence, the mother should make conscious effort to consume a balanced diet every day. Skipping meals is not recommended at any cost.


Foods rich in vitamins and minerals include carrots, brinjals, tomatoes, oranges, apples, eggs, water melons etc are very important. As mentioned previously, fruits and vegetables must be part of the daily diet.


Foods that contain too much fat like butter, cheese, and junk food must be avoided. Milk forms a very important supplement and it is advisable to consume at least 300 ml of milk every day.


Exercise During 12th Week of Pregnancy



Exercise is as important as the diet. Not only during pregnancy, but, exercise is something that forms a very important part in everyone’s lives and is usually ignored. During pregnancy though, it plays a vital role in determining the overall health of the fetus. A daily walk for at least 15 minutes is advised. Performing breathing exercises and yoga are also highly recommended. On the whole, the health of the mother has a direct impact on the health of the fetus.  Hence, this aspect must not be ignored at any cost. Stretching exercises that includes stretching of muscles of the lower abdomen and the thighs are very good.


Clothes to Wear During 12th Week of Pregnancy


During this week of pregnancy, there is expansion of the waist and the uterus. Hence, it is advisable to wear loose clothes that are less restrictive. Loose clothing will really help you to feel comfortable. Separate clothes for pregnant women are now available these days. 


Skin Changes During 12th Week of Pregnancy



This is common during pregnancy. The skin could change I complexion and could also develop stretch marks. These implications are not dangerous and happen in almost every alternate case of pregnancy. Changes in complexion could be in near the stomach and lower abdominal regions. It is recommended not to indulge in facials during the pregnancy period.


Vitamins and Mineral Supplements


The consumption of essential minerals and vitamins including A, B, C, D, E and K is very essential during pregnancy as all the mineral and vitamin supplements contribute to the well being of the foetus. A balanced diet best serves the purpose.


Recommended Tests During the 12th Week



Common visits to the physician to take advice on various issues are laudable. Frequent blood tests to determine the platelet count and sugar levels are advised by the doctors. This is because during pregnancy, the body undergoes a lot of changes. Ultrasound Scans to determine the features of the foetus in the womb are carried out during this week.


Medicines to be Used and Avoided



Any medications, before being used must get the doctor’s consent. If you are already following a medication course, you must halt until your pregnancy comes to an end. This aspect is critical. Usually during pregnancy, any form of medication is not recommended at it has a direct impact on the health of the baby. Consent the doctor and be cautious on the use of medicines.


Myths About the Seventh Week


Old wives and women who have given birth speak of many intriguing things A deaf year towards all these so called myths would produce the best results-mentally as well as physically


Growth of the Baby in the 12th Week



It is during this week that the reflexes of the baby are developed. The fingers start moving and the eyes soon begin to open and close. Most of the internal organs would have started developing by the start of the twelfth week. Also, the umbilical chord takes shape. From the crown to rump, the baby would just be about two inches. Nerve cells start multiplying and the baby’s brain starts developing.


Do’s and Don’ts Durng Pregnancy


Do’s During Pregnancy


1. Eat and Consume a balanced diet


2. Go for timely health checkups


3. Be cautious in consuming any kind of medication


4. Exercise regularly


Don’ts During Pregnancy


1. Avoid Overeating


2. Avoid smoking and consuming alcohol


3. Avoid deep fried and overcooked as well as uncooked foods


The Role of the Father


Would be father must do everything he can to support his carrying wife. Taking her for regular health checkups, dealing with cooking, taking care of the house etc. becomes his responsibility. The best thing a father can do is to be supportive. The father and mother must gel together and would be father must do everything he can to keep his wife in a salubrious state of mind. Apart from striving towards this, he himself must keep himself healthy and fit because his good health and healthy state of mind is as important as that of the mother. On the whole, he must be there for his wife whenever necessary and must make sure his wife does not indulge in too much work by taking onus of different things. 


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Kevin H. does not know what he's talking about.Most women show sonoer with their second, third and so on pregnancys than they did with their first because they are stretched out' already so everything gets bigger faster. There is also less growing pains after the first pregnancy (in my opinion, anyway). I'm 22 weeks with my second (my first is 15 months old) and I am showing already. With my first I didn't really show till almost 30 weeks. (I am 5ft 2in and was 102 pounds before getting pregnant this time, I'm now 115 pounds and showing a lot at 22 weeks)But to answer your question, no, flabby skin on your belly wont prevent you from showing sonoer. Your skin will tighten up as your stomach grows. When you show depends on your build.
by Sidik     07-Aug-2012

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