Pregnancy Week 13


The development of the embryo has still a lot of up comings in the future weeks but regardless of its development in the starting weeks it develops to a far better object. It’s just 13th week and then again the novelties of the pregnancy period has a lot to say about the out comings of the whole thing that is to be developed into.


Symptoms of Pregnancy Discomforts Faced by the Mother


This is one of the interesting weeks when concerned to the development of the baby but if one looks at the negatives then it is also the mist unfortunate week for the pregnant woman and without much surprise the problems of pregnancy arises from this period of time with constant kicking of the offspring followed by the uncertain labor pains and other minor hiccups. One may also get leg cramps, as they can be recovered once they are kept at rest. The leg cramps are sometimes really painful and irritating but proper treatment through means of yoga and exercise totally eradicates the pain of leg cramps. The pregnancy discomforts are widely varied, sometimes they are directly related to pregnancy and sometimes they are one’s personal problems.


Recommended Proteins and Vitamins for the Mother



The protein diet is to be maintained and the 13th week also lays to the staring of the development of the eyes and hence the doctor’s advice the pregnant lady to have fish because that strengthens the eyes of the baby. The other specifications are also important in the development of the embryo but still the major outcome is yet to come in the future weeks of pregnancy. The 13th week also asks the pregnant mother to rely on fruits in every one hour gap. Pregnancy is an object uncertainty many a things which were never consumed by the mother may need to be consumed in order to develop a healthy being. The pregnant lady should be kept away from passive smoking during the full tenure of pregnancy and hence the pregnancy period is to be safe and effective. In many cases it has been found that due to lack of proper management the pregnancy has led to a miscarriage because of certain activities.


Recommended Test for the Symptoms



The major and the vital pregnancy discomforts during the 13th week of pregnancy is the weight difficulty resulting in breathing problems. Let us elaborate the entire problem, in the past two to three weeks, the baby grown both in size and shape and this embarks greater space for the baby and hence in turn the uterus also increases and they grow enough to reach the rib cage of the pregnant lady and in turn the lady find herself short of breathing. Test should be carried out so as to determine the exact problem.


Medicines that Should be Used During the 13th Week of Pregnancy


Only the medicines which are prescribed by the doctor and the supplements in correct does should be consumed. The fetus is very small to tolerate any chemical changes. So the mother has to be very careful when she is consuming any medicines. Some of the medicines are harmed with plastic synthetics and other toxic materials and they should be ignored.


Other Vital Aspects of the Pregnant Mother


The baby inside the pregnant mother grows in day by day but by now it has grown enough and will cause little problems for you as well. The pain of the mother increases considerably firstly due to the enlargement of the uterus then the kicks are to be taken with utter pain as gifted by your not so obedient baby and lastly the protein diets are to be regularly maintained which is the most important thing. The baby in the 13th week of pregnancy develops into two phases. First phase embarks the increase in the size of the baby, the baby grown in both weight and height. The baby weighs around 200 grams during the 13th week. The height also gets increased by a few millimeters during this period. The second phase leads the development of some internal organs such as the lungs and the umbilical cord. The baby also gains shape during this time of pregnancy.


Clothing and Physical Stance of the Mother


The 13 week mark does not offer any specific change to the physical attribute of the mother but inside many a things change with the development of the baby. Proper protein diet should be maintained and regular exercises are to be done in order to construct a protective view of the physique of the pregnant woman. Remember that the procedure is one step closer to the ultimate glory of having a baby. At this point of pregnancy it is the duty of the father to take the mother to the doctor at least thrice a week and consult the doctor on issues that are worrying the mother. Don’t care too much about the complications as the medical science now a day has improved a lot to deliver you with a healthy baby. The physical layout of the most beautiful lady in the planet changes during the period of pregnancy and it takes a lot of time to recover as one gain enough fat during this tenure.


Myths and Facts of 13th Week of Pregnancy



The entire relational status of the activity gets a new dimension during this period as the mother gets to feel the fine little legs of the baby hitting her womb fiercely, hence announcing his arrival on the fray. The baby develops in a gritty manner and is soon to be born as a new life and keeping these considerations aloft, the development phase gets a new meaning. The baby grows and develops as day passes by and the development is brought about by the changes that occur inside the mother’s womb. The first feeling of the baby is understood by the mother herself; no one can understand the warmth and the excitement other than the mother. A survey was carried out and it was found that a woman’s best time in life is the time when she possesses a baby inside her; it gives them a reason to be happy, a reason to live and love. The feeling of the whole thing can only be expressed by a mother but anyways this feeling can be understood by many.


Growth of Baby


13th week is till the initial stages and the embryo slowly develops to become a life and the interesting factor in this whole thing is that the pregnancy period of the 13th week sees a lot of changes, rather rapid changes in the development of the baby. The legs are slowing built up and the shape comes to a definite figure making it a home-sapiens.


Do’s and Dont’s of 13th Week


1. The baby is actually growing during this phase of pregnancy, the 13th week means the initial stages, the belly or rather the uterus is till to bulge out and a lot of other up takings is still to be carried out.


2. Routine visit to the doctor’s chamber is a must do job for the pregnant lady.


3. One must accompany the lady to the doctor thrice a week and the husband or rather the father of the baby is the right person to do this job as he must make sure that the specifications laid out by the doctor be strictly followed.


4. The other major things which are to be looked after during the initial stages are the hygienic factors pertaining to the foundation of a healthy baby.


5. The development of the baby is not only brought about by the food, the pregnant mother is taking but is also brought about by the happiness or the feeling which encircles the whole activity.


Role of Dad or Partner


The role of a father in any week of the pregnancy period is immense and as the father needs to stay by at every point of time. Though in recent days these concepts have changed considerably but each and every father understands the worth of himself during the pregnancy period. It becomes the responsibility of the partner to take care of the mother. He should provide her with the necessary diet and help her in maintaining a healthy regime for the betterment of the growing fetus. He should also develop a sense of responsibility for the baby that is going to step in this world. Some partners even tend to put on weight along with the mothers. During this period the male partner should provide extra attention and care to would- be - mother of his child. He should provide her with all necessities and take her for regular check-ups.


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