Pregnancy Week 14


When a woman is expecting a baby, she needs to be more responsible as well as caring. The period of pregnancy is about nine months, but in some cases the delivery can  happen within either eight months or sometimes before that, this is called as the premature delivery. There are many situations that a woman needs to come across during the time of her pregnancy such as stress. Taking consult either from the pregnant woman mother or from any experienced relative or respective doctor is the best way to come over from stress.


As time goes on many internally as well as external development can be observed in the pregnant woman. Depending upon the changes within the baby, the changes in the appearance mother can be observed. Precaution is the most essential part that an expecting woman needs to take care of. The entire nine months of pregnancy have been divided into four trimesters. Depending upon the trimester, the food habit, exercise, medicinal do's and all other necessary things are keep on changing. There are some risks that might cause during the pregnancy period such as miscarriage; unwanted weight gain or weight loss and many more are there. To avoid such unexpected situation precaution is very important.


Among the four trimesters, 14th week is included in the second trimester. When an expecting woman enters this trimester she can relax by getting miscarriage. As the baby is dependent upon the food taken by the mother, it is the responsibility of the mother to take proper diet. This period is different from the normal life so the food diet is also different. At this time, the woman needs to take healthy as well as nutritious food. For the strong development of the bones milk and orange juices are very important, at the same time for hydration intake of water is also very essential.


Mother to Be- 14th week of Pregnancy


1. Week by week monitoring is very important as the precautions and the treatment will be based on the development within the baby. In this period woman become quite familiar with some mild symptoms such as frequent urination, vomiting, morning sickness, tender breast as well as tiredness. To avoid such problems taking of regular exercise, small frequent meals and taking a rest are some of the tips that an expecting woman can follow. Along with healthy and nutritious, fibrous food can be another best way of providing proper food to the baby.


2. During the fourteenth week changes can be observed both in the mother and the baby. If a woman is addicted then she needs to stop such habits as it will affect the bone as well as the skin of the baby. During the pregnancy period of a woman, the man also plays a vital role in many different ways. For giving birth to a health and wealthy baby, the mother needs to take as much as healthy foods she can as well as she needs to have a lot of milk and water. The fourteenth week is being included in the third month of pregnancy.


3. Gradually, as time changes, changes in the internal as well as external can be observed. The changes that appear within the mother have been listed below:


a).The breasts of the expecting woman become enlarged due to the increase in the size of the milk producing glands.


b). For the accommodation of the baby, the uterus enlarges.



c). Skin glows as the blood circulation increases.


d). Nails become more brittle.


e). The outer layers of the expecting mothers become thick due to the fluid retention.


f). As gums become softer, the pregnant woman needs to be careful during brushing as bleed can be notified.


4. For a pregnant woman the food diet is different from the regular diet as they need to take care of two lives. Some of the suggested diets have been listed below:


a). Try to have as much as water and juice you can.


b). Have healthy as well as nutritious food


c). Add more amount of fibrous fruit in your diet


d). Rather than heavy food, eat light food


e). As iron containing foods is important for the development of the baby’s brain try to take such food more in number.


Baby Growth During 14th week of Pregnancy


As the baby enters into the fourteenth week of pregnancy, the following changes can be observed within them:



1. Around a foot's growth can be observed in the baby.


2. In the fourteenth week the baby is 2 ounces.


3. Baby develops tiny arms and legs as well as a prominent heartbeat.



Any Other Preparation 


Along with the proper diet, regular medical checkup as well as taking proper precautions, there is some more thing that needs to be performed along with them. Few of them have been listed below:



1. Exercises are one among them, it is very important to perform the exercise in regular bases, as it helps in the development of the baby. But, an expecting woman needs to ensure about the kind of exercise that she needs to do as there are some differences between the exercises done by the pregnant woman and non-pregnant woman. Walking is the most useful as well as helpful exercise.


2. During the time of pregnancy if possible try to avoid dark color clothes, rather than that try to wear light and mild color clothes.




At this period of pregnancy the expecting mother needs to have sufficient amount of nutritious food. The expecting mother is expected to carry a regular diet. While moving as well as doing of exercises they need to be very careful.




Having of fried as well as the spicy food need to be avoided. Intake of any kind of pain killer can be more dangerous than expected, so it need to be avoided. If you are alcoholic or have the habit of drinking stop it at ones, when you know you are pregnant.




When a woman enters the fourteenth week of pregnancy, much more responsibilities expect from the father. They need to maintain the entire time table of the expecting mother. Starting from the food habit till the appointment with the doctor, all need to be managed by the father. The father should also need to know about the entire timetable so that he can manage it with his own time table.



It is being clear that even though, during the 14th week a woman overcomes with some serious issues just like miscarriage, but as the completed the first trimester and entered the second trimester they need to be more careful. Proper guidance needs to be followed, as prescribed by the concern doctor. Regular check up is the most important part of delivering a healthy baby. A timetable needs to be maintained for taking of medicine as well as healthy food. As the baby's diet is dependent on the mother's diet, it is being suggested that if the mother is having any toxic habit she needs to avoid it immediately. Along with consulting with the concern doctor, a pregnant woman can also talk with her mother, friend, relatives and even with the woman who has experienced raising kids. It is very important to talk freely with the concern doctor, so they need to go for the one with whom they feel comfortable. 

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