Pregnancy Week 15

Pregnancy is a Blessing of God Given to Women


The power of being pregnant or giving life to any person is a blessing of God showered over women. This is the in-built power or quality of woman which gives her an impetus over other gender. During pregnancy a new life cultivates in a woman’s womb so several ups and downs health problems are natural and normal part of life of a pregnant woman. The thing which is required by her is awareness and in depth information about her health so that she can properly nurture her child along with taking care of her own health. Every pregnant woman must have all correct, vital and useful information regarding pregnancy which would be offered to her by growing through this article.


Beginning of Pregnancy: How to Determine


It is very easy for women to determine whether she is pregnant or not. Missing periods or menstrual cycles is the first step or first sign which occurs. As soon as any women miss her periods she must first assure herself that whether she is pregnant or not. Various types of tests are available in the market with the help of which a woman can get surety of her pregnancy while sitting at home. One she become sure she must immediately visit a gynecologist and get a full check up in order to determine her as well as her baby health.


15th Week of Pregnancy: Mother Becomes Accustomed to Child


After 14 weeks of pregnancy a mother becomes accustomed to child. The early sickness like nausea etc. gets reduced by this time. In this week the body of mother tries to fulfill all needs or requirements of her child proportionate to her growth. Her heart starts increasing its output in order to supply sufficient oxygen to the baby. It starts pumping around 20% more blood than in early stages of pregnancy. The immunity level of pregnant woman would have impaired by now. Cold and cough would become a part of daily routine in this week; however these diseases would not affect the health of baby. But if she suffers from diseases like genital herpes, chicken pox or rubella then she must visit her doctor immediately as these diseases may cause adverse effect to unborn baby. The doctor by this week may also recommend antenatal test in order to screen its growth, health and any birth defect in the child. Other than this, a multiple maker screening test which determines the level of alpha-fetoprotein must also be undergone by pregnant woman in this week.  These tests are important and every pregnant woman must undergo in order to check if there are any chromosomal abnormalities in her child.


Growth of Baby: An Enormous Feeling for Woman


In 15th week of pregnancy a woman gets an enormous feeling of her child which she was unable to observe or feel in her earlier weeks. The child continuously grows in her womb, soft skin, growth of hair, eye brow etc. all become visible by this week. By now the baby would also have started the habit of sucking its thumb. It would be around 70 grams.


The development of muscles of the child results in its movements in the womb which a woman can observe during this week. This is also called as quickening of a child. She can feel her baby moving or doing summersaults in lower abdomen. As soon as pregnant women observe such feelings she must quickly intimate her doctor and try all the things in detail. No need to worry or panic in case you haven’t felt your baby moving yet as some women feel them at later weeks of their pregnancy. The rate of heart beat of the child will also increase by this week and it will start pumping 25 quarts a day.


Diet Plan Required to be Followed During 15th Week of Pregnancy



In 15th week a pregnant woman often craves or have desire to have plenty of food stuff like chocolates or salty foods. The craving must not be suppressed but along with it proper care must be taken that sufficient amount of nutrition must also be inculcated in daily dietary plan. Iron containing food such as green leafy vegetables, meats, whole grain breads, dry fruits and beans must form the part of daily diet. Folic acids are also needed in body during this week therefore care must be taken that folic acid rich foods such as spinach, eggs etc. are consumed. Calcium supplements must also be included in daily dietary plan of pregnant women. Daily intake calorie must also be increased by this week as the pregnant women is required to fulfill needs or her as well as her child’s body. Limit the consumption of Junk or unhealthy food as it does not contain any nutrition or calorie as desired by the body of pregnant woman. The appetite of pregnant woman will also enhance during 15th week. It is also advised by the doctor to have frequent meals during this stage and not to remain with empty stomach.


Make Exercise a Part of Daily Routine


Daily exercise is very important and essential in daily routine of a person. Yoga must essentially be part of daily exercises. Apart from this, low impact activities like walking, swimming, water aerobics can also be performed in order to maintain health of child as well as pregnant woman. This will make the woman stronger, efficient, reduces complications and make delivery easy. All these exercises must be performed under observance of exercise expert or specialist in order to avoid any risk which may occur due to improper exercises.


Maternity Wearing During 15th Week of Pregnancy


In 15th week of pregnancy a women gets heavy or gain weight. Her stomach bulges out. She must avoid wearing jeans or tight fitting clothes during this week. Pregnant gowns or apparel which is loose as well as comfortable must be used by pregnant woman so that she can provide comfort to her child and herself. Such types of clothes are available in almost all corners of the world.




  1. A pregnant woman must do meditation as it will increase concentration capacity of child.

  2. She should always try to remain happy, feel good and watch such daily programs and movies which are informative.

  3. She must regularly visit doctor during 15th week of pregnancy.

  4. Praying god is also essential during this week as it helps to make a connection of pregnant women with her child.

  5. Pregnant women must take care while sleeping. She should adopt such a position which offers good blood circulation to baby, sleeping on left side is the best way.

  6. She must undergo screening tests made to check chromosomal defects in chils




  1. In 15th week of pregnancy pregnant women must not lie on bed with stomach downwards as it would exert pressure on child.

  2. She must not have raw foods such as sushi, cheese rich food, etc.

  3. Pregnant women must not go on any crash diet during 15th week as it adversely affects the health of child.


Role of Father


Father also plays a very important role during this week. This is the stage where both parents can feel their child and his development. Father must always support the mother as she needs special care and attention during this period. He must regularly take her wife for check up and try to provide all essential nutrition in her daily diet.

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