Pregnancy Week 17


Pregnancy is the beginning of an incredible journey. It is really a thrilling time span for a woman. Women face lots of problems during this period. There are lots of advices and suggestions for them so that they can live happily and give birth to a healthy baby. Proper care is to be taken during this period. This article will provide lots of information that can be of great help to would-be mothers.


Bodily Changes Mother Experiences and Symptoms During Pregnancy


Some women can understand they are pregnant from the time of conception. Others may have to undergo pregnancy tests. Women possesses various other symptoms also. Missed Period is one of the many symptoms of Pregnancy. Women can make an appointment with the doctor to confirm the good news. Doctors will give proper guidance. Morning sickness occurs in almost every pregnant woman and improves after the first trimester. Women can also experience this nausea during afternoon, evening and even throughout the whole day. Other common symptoms during the first weeks of pregnancy are Insomnia, Leg cramps, Backaches etc.


The first 12 weeks of pregnancy make up the first trimester.  Morning sickness happens to be something that most women experience. It continues till the sixth week of pregnancy. Morning sickness can lead to dehydration if one is unable to eat, drink or continuously loses food through vomiting. Medications are applied in serious conditions. Food cravings are also indications of pregnancy. During pregnancy, the skin around the nipples tends to become darker. Frequent urination, fatigue or tiredness, tender, swollen breasts are some other common signs. Women can also experience headaches during this time.


Caloric intake must be increased during this time to ensure proper development of the foetus. The weight gain amount varies from woman to woman. Doctors and dieticians make different recommendations for specific women based on different factors. Exercise is also suggested for healthy pregnancies. Exercise has several benefits for both mother and baby and also prevents excessive weight gain.


Diet : what to Eat and What to Avoid



A balanced; nourishing diet is a vital feature of a healthy pregnancy. Good nutrition means eating a healthy diet, balanced carbohydrates, fat, and proteins and eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Oily foods, deep fried foods, junk foods should be avoided. Lots of fluids especially water and fresh fruit juices should be taken. Milk and dairy products are high in calcium, protein and vitamin B-12. Women can eat those foods. Cereals, whole grains, dals, nuts can be taken by women who are vegetarians. In the first few weeks one may not feel like having proper meals. One should try to eat smaller but frequent meals all over the day. During the middle part of the pregnancy, the appetite might come back. One will feel the desire to eat more. Towards the end of the pregnancy, the cravings will probably increase. One should not give up all her favourite foods during pregnancy. But processed or deep-fried foods and snacks and also sugar-packed desserts should not be taken. The main thing is one must enjoy every bite.


Exercise Suggestions During Pregnancy


Staying active and fit has lots of advantages both during one’s pregnancy and when it comes to giving birth. But it is advisable to consult a doctor or an instructor before starting exercises. Yoga has also become very popular and when combined with a cardiovascular exercise like walking, can be an effective way to maintain fitness during pregnancy.

1. Exercise helps to increase the energy level of the body of a woman. The cardiovascular system gets strengthen up


2. Exercise helps to have a deep, sound sleep.


3. Exercise reduces stress and can make one feel energised and active.


4. Exercise along with yoga improves blood circulation, lowers water retention and strengthens the muscles. This helps to get relief from lower back pain.


5. Regular practices of breathing techniques help the mind to stay calm and manage pain better, thereby making delivery much easier.


6. Meditation helps to deal with the mood swings and also increases the sense of self-awareness.


7. Thinking of the baby while doing meditation brings one closer to the baby and helps her to bond with the little one.


Clothes to Wear During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is really an marvellous journey. There are lots of articles and advices on how one should dress herself and make styles during pregnancy. Everyone wants to look and feel great throughout her pregnancy. Tight fitted dresses should be avoided during this time. Women shouldn’t misjudge the power of make-up.  A manicure or pedicure or facial can lift one’s spirits and make her feel great. Pregnancy massage can also be taken. A little bit of pampering can make all the difference. It is always better to consult the doctor before doing anything.


Various Skin Changes if Any During Pregnancy


Changes in skin are found during pregnancy. Some women find their skin to be glowing; others may find their skin feeling dry. Wonders can be done through good moisturisers.   Some others may face problems of itching, rashes etc. Pregnancy can cause acne and pimples. Dermatologists can help a lot regarding the skin problems.


Recommended Tests During 17th Week of Pregnancy



Tests during pregnancy provide reassurance about the health of the baby. The Tetanus Toxoid vaccine is given during pregnancy. Ultrasound tests are done to create a visual image of the baby, placenta and uterus as well as other pelvic organs. Routine blood tests are also to be done.


Myths and Facts During 17th Week of Pregnancy


There are many traditional encounters and misguided beliefs regarding pregnancy. This is usually seen in ‎discovering ‎gender of babies. It is fantastic to examine with your doctor continually and to avoid ‎such ‎superstitious principles ‎


Baby’s Development During 17th Week of Pregnancy



17th week of pregnancy falls in the Second Trimester. By this time, women begin to feel their baby’s movements. The baby is generally small. The placenta, which nurtures the fetus and removes wastes, has grown up to accommodate the baby. It contains many blood vessels that fetch nutrients and oxygen from the mother’s body to the baby’s developing body. Changes in breasts of the mothers are noticed. Hormones are making the breasts prepared for milk production. Other skin changes can also be noticed. Regular visits to doctors are recommended.



Planning the Baby’s Birth


The essential checklists like what to shop for the baby and what to take to the hospital should be kept ready. The baby essentials like baby wipes, napkins, baby cot, towels, bath tub, sheets, toiletries must be readily available. Mothers should make room for the baby and his/her essentials. Houses should be made baby-proof. Houses should be cleaned properly.


Dos and Donts During Pregnancy


Do’s in Pregnancy


1. Visits to doctors should be done regularly. Doctors will provide proper guidance.


2. Healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains are to be taken. One should drink lots of water.


3. Physical activity is good for the mother as well as the baby. Gaining more and more weight can lead to lots of complications.


4. Enough sleep is compulsory. Using pillows between the legs and under the belly will help one get comforts.


5. One should always wear a seatbelt while travelling.


Don’ts in Pregnancy


1. Smoking should not be done. Alcoholic drinks should be prohibited.


2. One should not take raw, uncooked or undercooked food.


3. Medicines should not be taken without the doctor’s advice.


4. Any type of stress should be avoided.


Pregnancy has a very special place in a woman’s life. A proper care and a little sacrifice is required for giving birth to a healthy baby.


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These are some primary guidelines that an expectant mother needs to sustain stringently during the maternity. Thus she can have the best and healthier child after 10 several weeks. The dad also has so many obligations during mother's maternity. He also has to sustain all of them. If he does that, then the outcome will be good.

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