Pregnancy Week 18


The eighteenth week of pregnancy is one of the most crucial periods of the pregnancy phenomenon. This week is characterized by a number of features both in the mother as well the baby which are as follows:


Mother During 18th Week of Pregnancy


1. The eighteenth week is one of the most breathtaking periods for a mother. Due to development of body of the baby the uterus enlarges and as a result it takes the shapes almost analogous to that of a watermelon.


2. Due to this unequal enlargement of the uterus, the mother finds it difficult to sleep. This is because the uterus presses a vein called inferior vena cava that supplies blood from the posterior part of the body to the heart. As a result blood supply occurs in an inadequate proportion resulting in abnormalities in blood circulation.


3. This is why the doctors suggest the mother to sleep lying down towards the left so as to prevent the squeezing of the inferior vena cava by the uterus.



4. The mother’s food habit is one the key factors that has a direct role in the development of the baby. The mother taste buds go for a series of changes in the taste for the high calorie requirement of the body to sustain the growth of the baby. Though the taste changes are good for the mother to cope with the ever increasing demand of the energy for the development of the baby but it should be kept in mind that she should abstain from food that is deeply fried. The food that the mother should consume should be high in protein and low in fat.


5. The mother should eat food like fresh vegetables, meat, fish, fruits that contains high amount of minerals sufficient to supply the balanced required of the baby growing within the mother’s womb.


6. During this period the mammary glands inside the mother’s breast gets fully developed upon the action of specific lactation hormones. The mammary glands start storing a yellowish white milky content that is high in protein and low in fat. This is known as colustrum which is generally secreted from the breast during lactation and the baby feeds on it while it suckles the mother’s breast after birth.


7. Exercise is an important practice that the mother’s should follow during pregnancy. The mother needs to take of her movements. This is because a sudden jerk may cause intense internal injuries to the developing baby. The exercises that she should practice are the arm stretch, sit-ups etc. However consultation with the physician is always solicited.



 8. Light coloured that are loosely fitted within the mother’s body should the choice to prevent excess heat absorption by the mother’s body.


7. During the eighteenth week the doctors suggest an ultrasound test. This is because during the eighteenth week an ultrasound test may prove very well to detect the birth defects that may come up while the child is born.


8. The position of the baby and the umbilical cords and its movements can also be detected with the ultrasound tests. This is a fruitful measure to calculate the development of the foetus and the approximate date of the delivery. This ultrasound technique helps in the determination of sex of the baby during the eighteenth week which should not be carried out under any circumstances.


9. However now-a-days the patients and their relatives rely on the process of amniocentesis to determine the sex of the baby. In this technology the body cells of the baby that gets scattered within the amniotic fluid can be taken out on pumping the amniotic fluid out with a help of a syringe. The cells that are present are then examined. On examining the chromosomal structure of the cells, sex determination is accomplished.



Baby at the 18th Week Inside Womb


A series of cellular development continues till the birth of the baby. The nerve cells or the neurons which are the functional and the structural unit of the coordination within the baby, develop within the first few weeks only.



These nerve cells transmit electrical impulses from the receptor organ to the nervous system for different actions it performs. Now it is very common that if we keep two or more electrical wires side by side without proper insulation there are chances of cross connection and wrong flow of the current. So for preventing that a proper insulation is required. Similarly in a baby in order to prevent such wrong flowing of nerve impulses development of the myelin sheath around the nerve cells take place. This development of the myelin sheath not only prevents the cross connection but also speeds up neural integration.


During the eighteenth week the heart muscle starts functioning within the baby. The heart chambers starts receiving blood from the veins and release the blood through the arteries by passing it through the valves present in between the chambers. Thus the presence of the heart defects can also detected during this phase. Generally the baby is about five and half inches in size and weighs about six ounces.  



Any Other Preparation


During this phase consultation with the physician is the most necessary practice that should be followed diligently without any fail. This is because this matter is in a general context. As we know that all the fingers in our palm are not of equal length, so there always some variations in the symptoms from mother to mother. So in such situations the physicians are the best person to assist the pregnant mother about the nitty-gritty’s of the phases and suggest proper medication and other exercises that must be followed in order to get temporary relief from untimely indispositions. Under any circumstances the matter of medical termination of pregnancy should not be considered during this phase.


This is the time when the parents should get accustomed to the upcoming expenses with relation to the child birth. But it is advisable not worry about it all. Now you might be thinking that why you are being told about the expenses right now when you time still left with you. It is just to prepare you so that you start taking steps to saving sums for hospitalizations, medications and other purposes.




1. The food that supplies maximum amount of energy and minimum amount of fat should be consumed.


2. In your regular diet fresh vegetables and fruits should occupy the most significant place.


3. Development of the brain is influenced by the consumption of iron containing food.


4. Protein diet is one of the most essential criteria that should be fulfilled.


5. The mother should practice exercises regularly upon physician’s advice and should be careful of her movements.




1. No spicy and fried foods please.


2. Say no to coffee. This is caffeine in coffee hinders the foetal development.


3. Rely on the body’s defense mechanism against head ache or migraine and not on pain killers.


4. No smoking please.


Dad to Be During 18th Week


“Daddy, it is your time to welcome me. Please be ready for every care that my mother needs and wait for me to come out and enjoy your love.”  your child.


So, dad’s please be prepared for any situation that may come up and feel its presence inside your wives womb.

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