Pregnancy Week 21

At this stage of your pregnancy, there will be even more changes in your body than before. The development in your baby will also be significantly high as well.


Your Baby’s Growth and Development at the 21st Week of Your Pregnancy


There are many changes and developments in your baby by this stage of your pregnancy.


  1. By this time, your baby’s weight will have quadrupled. Typically, babies will weigh three quarters of a pound.

  2. Your baby will also grow in size. While earlier, the measurement was taken from crown to rump due to his curled legs, he will now be measured from crown to heel.

  3. The legs are fully developed by now and you’ll feel your baby stretching and kicking more as they don’t curl up too much anymore.

  4. Your baby’s hearing will also develop so much that he’ll be able to hear you conversing with others and also the sound of your heart beating.

  5. At this stage, your baby will respond to the sound of your voice, so talking to him and getting him used to the sound of your voice is important. You can start forming a bond from now.

  6. During this week, your baby’s liver and pancreas get a break and his bone marrow starts to produce blood cells.

  7. The structure of the body is complete and your baby concentrates more on gaining weight than building the foundation of its body.


The Changes in Your Body During 21st Week of Pregnancy


By this stage, you’ll be going through a lot of physical and emotional changes.



  1. The weight your child has gained and the size that he’s become at this stage of your pregnancy will now start to put a strain on your joints. Your legs and feet will start to get sore.

  2. You’re more prone to urinary tract infections, better known as UTIs. Getting a urine test at this time would be wise.

  3. Due to the increase in the flow of blood to your oral cavity, bleeding gums may occur. It’s important to take proper care of your dental hygiene. This way, you can prevent many problems you may face.

  4.  During the 21st week of your pregnancy, you could develop a rare but dangerous condition that’s known as preeclampsia. Some of the symptoms of this condition are blurred vision, headaches that occur frequently and high blood pressure. There’s no need for alarm. If you feel these symptoms, your doctor will help you and take care of it.


Tips and Things You Should Remember



  1. Do Kegel exercises to keep your uterus and pelvic-floor muscles toned.

  2. By this time, your blood level will have increased significantly. This is why it’s important to drink plenty of water and also get your iron levels checked.

  3. There may some expectant mothers who see blood in their stool. If you’re one of them, consult your doctor immediately. Make sure that you eat plenty of foods that are rich in fiber and again, plenty of water is important. It could help you immensely to learn more about constipation and how you can prevent it.

  4. To make sure that you’re protected from UTIs, it’s advisable to drink at least 6 glasses of water on a daily basis. Unsweetened cranberry juice has also been known to help.

  5. You should avoid wearing pants that are too tight-fitting. Also, cotton underwear will be most suitable and comfortable.

  6. Due to your weight gain, you may find that there are blue steaks on your legs and thighs. These streaks are called varicose veins. It’s a common occurrence among the majority of pregnant women. These swollen veins can be painful and you’ll need to elevate your legs while you’re sleeping and sitting.

  7. Mediation can help you get relief from any discomfort you experience at this stage in your pregnancy. 

  8. Read or go browse through the internet and look for more information on pregnancy.


Some Common Problems That You May Go Through at This Stage


  1. During this period, many women go though swelling of the tissues in the passages of the wrists. You could also experience a tingling sensation and numbness in your fingers. The nerves are pressurized by the swelling in the tissues and this in turn causes the tingling and numb sensation that you feel in your fingers.

  2. If you experience any pain along with the numbness and if this pain affects the areas of your thumb, index finger, middle finger and a part of your ring finger, you need to be very careful. It could be an indication of carpel tunnel syndrome.


Plans and Concerns


  1. Many women like to plan ahead for the birth of their baby. It makes them feel prepared for what’s to come. It’s also a way to make your preferences clear. Keep in mind that you can’t control every aspect of what happens during your pregnancy or during the delivery but when you make a written plan, you can write down what you prefer to have during labor and delivery of the baby, like anesthesia, etc. If you don’t want the help of any drugs, you can make that clear when you write down your plan. Remember to take your doctor’s suggestions into consideration as well, as he’ll be the best person to inform you about what you’ll need once the baby is due.

  2. It’s also a good time to start thinking about whether you’ll be breast-feeding your baby or whether you’ll opt for bottle-feeding instead. As you know, there are a number of advantages to breast-feeding your baby. You pass on immunities and also reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. Many women all over the world prefer to breast feed their babies. You also have the option of doing a combination of breast and bottle-feeding by using pumps.

  3. At this stage of your pregnancy, you may start thinking and worrying about stretch marks. They can show up on your breasts, thighs, hips and buttocks. They occur due to the fact that your skin stretches and it happens to about half of pregnant women. The weight you gain during pregnancy and your genes play a role in the appearance of stretch marks. There’s nothing much that can be done to prevent them. Once you’ve delivered your baby, the marks will slowly become less visible with time. If your skin feels dry and itchy, you can use lotion or oils to get relief.


Tips for the Father-To-Be


This is the time when your baby is kicking and growing stronger every day. It’s an incredible feeling to experience this, especially as a couple. Get into the excitement that your partner feels every time your baby moves. This shows that you’re just as excited as she is about the impending birth of your child. She needs to feel loved and supported and the best way you can do this is to stand by her side everyday and let her know that you’re there for her every step of the way. This is a partnership every step of the way and when you do things together, you grow closer and this will eventually be good for your baby as well.

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