Pregnancy Week 22


Pregnancy refers to the entire process of fertilization and development of one or more offspring in a woman’s uterus. The process of fertilization takes place through several stages where disruption in any stage may lead to failure of the entire process. Through the process of fertilization, the egg is made to commence its developmental stage. A woman has to go through 38 weeks of pregnancy, a period of over 9 months before giving birth to her young one. Each and every phase of child birth is equally important and adds to the entire process. The span of pregnancy has been split into three significant periods or trimesters, each period being composed of three months. An embryo refers to the developing offspring during its first eight weeks after which it takes the form of a foetus.


Mother Related Activities


We are going to discuss on the vital aspects related to 22nd week of pregnancy. The second trimester involves the development of the foetus. It is during this stage that the foetus can be monitored and diagnosed.The 22ndweek falls under second trimester and requires focus on the following features:


Clothing and Change in Skin


The uterus, which accommodates the growing foetus, may grow up to 20 times its normal size. She might also develop a craving for certain foods and might also encounter increased vaginal discharge. But all this events fall under normalcy. Although the belly remains upright, stretch marks also start developing in her belly region as her belly keeping on expanding with the gradual accommodation of the growing foetus in the womb. These marks vary from pink to dark brown.In some cases, the feet also start growing. This is because of the hormone relaxing which loosens the pelvic ligaments. As a result the bones beneath those ligaments also increase.


Medicines That Should Not be Used



The medicines for any disorder inside the mother should not be taken without the advice of the doctor. Only themedicines which are prescribed by the doctor and the supplements in correct does should beconsumed. The foetus is very small to tolerate any chemical changes. So the mother has to bevery careful when she is consuming any medicines. The expiry dates and the content of the medicines should be checked properly and then bought.


Mother’s Diet and Recommended Proteins and Vitamins


The mother must eat healthy, nutritious diet to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Her diet should include carbohydrates, fats and proteins in balanced proportions. She should also eat lots of fruits and vegetables.  Most women get an energized feeling during this period since the morning sickness tends to get away. A lot of sexual changes are encountered in the mother. The increase in blood flow and the secretions of vagina and clitoris causes the mother to become orgasmic. It is during this stage that the woman starts wearing maternity clothes. The mother may go for regular visits to the doctor to check whether the baby is on the right track.


Symptoms for mothers at This Stage


Certain abnormal symptoms might be observed in the pregnant woman like the ones listed below:


Heartburn or Indigestion: The expanding uterus starts taking over abdominal cavity thereby causing the gastric acids to rise up from the stomach to the oesophagus and result in a burning feeling. This burning sensation can be prevented by drinking before and after meals rather than drinking simultaneously.



Constipation: The ever growing uterus might exert force on the bowels, thereby inhibiting the excretion of the waste. This can be prevented by starting every day with exercise which leads to bowel movements.


Increase in Vaginal Discharge: If there is excessive vaginal discharge, the only way to deal with it is to keep the region dry and clean. Also good smelling toiletry must be used to prevent bad odour from that region.


Frequent Faintness or Dizziness: The growing uterus might exert pressure on the growing blood vessels thereby preventing the regular flow of blood to the brain resulting in faintness. The best way to maintain the circulatory system is to drink glasses of water every day. It is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.


Leg cramps: It is said that a shortage of calcium or magnesium occurs in the mother’s body which result in leg cramps. The only way to stop it is by taking vitamin capsules.


Tests Required for the Following Symptoms


1. Stretch Marks: As already mentioned stretch marks are also one of the symptoms of this stage which occurs due to the growing uterus. Stretch mars might also appear in buttocks, thighs, hips and breasts. Sometimes this stretch marks leads to itchiness. The best way to reduce this irritation is by applying moisturizer and keeping the area dry.


2. Increase in Navel:  The bulging belly gets back to its normal form after child birth. But a slight increase still remains.


Myths of 22nd Week of Pregnancy


The mother undergoes many physiological changes during this period, which are absolutely termed as normal. These include cardiovascular, haematological, metabolic rate, renal and respiratory changes. These changes play a very important role during pregnancy complications. This is the stage when the mother tends to put on weight. The mother might probably gain weight ranging between 12 to 15 and also 5.4 to 6.8 kilograms. She might keep on gaining more weight at the rate of half a pound every week. This is almost equivalent to gaining weight of 225 grams every week.


Growth of the Baby 22nd Week of Pregnancy


At this stage, a baby weighs almost 1 pound or 430 grams and is nearly 11 inches, which is approximately 27 centimetres from head to heel. The lips of the foetus start getting prominent and its eyes also develop. But his or her iris lacks in pigment. The pancreas, which is necessary for secretion of hormones, also starts developing gradually. The foetus also starts developing tiny tooth buds beneath its gums. The baby also starts developing eye brows and is ready to step into its extra uterine life. Also tiny and fine hair starts covering the body of the foetus. The foetus also gets wrinkles which fade away as soon as its starts gaining mass. It can be said that the foetus resembles to a miniature new born and starts perceiving light and dark. The foetus also starts possessing the ability of hearing his or hers mother’s heartbeat, voice, gurgling stomach and the sound of blood circulation. The brain and nervous system of the foetus also starts developing. The foetus might also try to sense its newly developed sense organ. The best way to keep a track on the development of baby is by taking ultra sound images. The modern day ultrasound 3D images provide every minute details pertaining to the development of the foetus as compared to 2D images.


Do’s And Don’ts of 22nd Week of Pregnancy


It is during this stage that proper prenatal care is required for the wellbeing of mother and her foetus. The main goal of prenatal care is to recognise any potential problems and to diagnose and manage them without its further effect in the next stage. The best way to implement this is by giving proper guidance to a pregnant woman to the right hospitals and specialists.


Each and every step taken by the pregnant mother needs to be taken with great gratitude and responsibility, at this time of pregnancy, the baby has started to grow and hence any kind of mishaps may lead to miscarriage. Don’t let the mother walk upon on her own, it is very much important that someone stays by her side every time. If the family members and the husband are busy then opt for a permanent house nurse for the days of pregnancy.


Role of the Dad


There is no doubt that wonder and worry comes for the dad when the most loved partner hits 22 week of pregnancy. Thoughts about what kind of father to be, funny battle for the name of kid starts, worries about the health, talks about last visit to office and more. Dad should boost up the confidence and talk as much as to the partner with pleasant mind making her relaxed and happy. And it is better not to forget to take her to normal visits to doctors.


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